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Welding Jackets for Sale with Free Shipping

Welding Jackets for Sale with Free Shipping

A welding jacket is an essential piece of welding safety equipment and a great way to prevent your clothing from getting dotted with burn marks and protecting your skin from the UV rays emitted while welding. Whether you’re in a cold climate or a warm climate, there are different jacket weights and thicknesses that you can find to suit your needs. Baker’s Gas and Welding currently offers a variety of welding jackets at a discount AND with free shipping. Best yet, you can read reliable customer reviews in order to find the best welding jacket. Here are a few jackets you may want to consider picking up that are currently on sale:

Lincoln Shadow Grain Leather-Sleeved Welding Jacket

This welding jacket by Lincoln provides the best of both worlds with leather sleeves and a lighter, fire-resistant body. Though reviews note the sharp look of this jacket, it also delivers where it counts with the leather sleeves providing the protection you need while welding and the lighter fire resistant chest section will keep you cool when the temperature rises in your work site.

Another important feature in a welding jacket is a collar that protects your neck from spatter, especially when stick welding, and the UV rays emitted while welding. You really don’t want blistering “sun burns” on your neck if your helmet doesn’t go all of the way down. If you have a less expensive welding helmet, there’s a good chance it doesn’t cover your neck properly, making a high quality jacket all the more important.

Miller WeldX Jacket

This Miller welding jacket is also highly endorsed by reviewers and offers a similar mix of leather along the arms and shoulders as well as light weight material for the torso of the jacket. The leather on this jacket extends to the shoulders, making it especially good for stick welding.

Miller Leather Welding Jacket

If heat isn’t as much of an issue, this welding jacket by Miller provides a full leather body and arms for complete protection with high quality pig skin leather that is designed to resist the highest welding temperatures. This jacket offers advantages with durability, comfort, and protection since you don’t have to add a bib and it covers your neck, arms, and torso completely in high quality leather.

Miller Split Leather Jacket

At the other end of the welding jacket spectrum is this welding jacket by Miller that is made completely out of light weight, fire resistant cotton material that makes it ideal for welding in warm conditions. Reviewers who have found leather welding jackets too hot and restricting love this safe, light weight jacket.

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Do You Need a Welding Jacket?

These welding jackets cost between $40-$80. While they’re not a major expense, they certainly are an investment. The key question is whether you really need a welding jacket, even if its on sale. You can certainly weld in a long sleeve cotton shirt and remain safe. Never use a shirt made of synthetic materials.

Welding jackets shield your body from heat, sparks, and UV rays in ways that a cotton shirt simply isn’t able. Your neck and arms will especially benefit from a welding jacket since they’re at the greatest risk from spatter and UV rays.

If welding is your livelihood, then you will especially want to invest in a welding jacket since any injuries will put your business or job in jeopardy. If you’re a hobby welder who picks up welding projects on the weekend, a jacket may still be a good idea since you may not be able to control the spatter while welding or you may make mistakes that put you in danger while welding. The news is filled with stories every week about welding accidents. Ensuring your safety doesn’t take a lot of money, especially with the free shipping Baker’s is currently offering on welding jackets!

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