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Welding Humor

Welding Humor

Practically speaking, welding is no laughing matter. Welders go to work every day with tools and materials that are potentially hazardous. There are safety measures that must be followed and safety gear that must be donned to ensure that disaster doesn’t strike in the shop. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some humor in the trade! Read on for some fun welding jokes, gag quotes, and comic illustrations.

"Celebrity Welding" 

“Grand Opening"

"Cheap Tattoo Removal"


And what’s a humor column without a few “you might be” jokes?

You might be a welder if…

…everyone is asking you, “Couldn’t you just buy that?”
…you use a welding rod for chop sticks.
…you have sunburn in the winter.
…your shirts, sneakers, and socks are ventilated.
…you find yourself flicking your head down when the sun gets in your eyes.
…you keep feeling for a knob on the back of your hard hat or baseball cap.
…you squeeze your fork to release the food.
…your friends say, “It’s Miller time!” and you grab your gloves and shield.
…you lay z-weave ketchup beads on your eggs or french fries.
…you tie things down with MIG wire.
…you own a triple barrel shotgun.

Your turn! What’s your favorite welding joke?

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