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Welding Games to Play On Your Smart Phone

If you haven’t quite got your fill of welding at work, try playing some online welding games at home. There are even some apps that cane be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store, directly to your preferred device. Some of these games are trivia games that test your welding knowledge. Others feature 3D imagery allowing you to lay down virtual weld beads and beat high scores!

Welducation from Fronius International

Our favorite welding game is Welducation developed and released by our friends over at Fronius. This app is a fun one for welders who know their way around the torch and those who are just beginning. The Welducation app could also be leveraged by instructors looking to present basic welding terms to their students in a new way.

Fronius Welducation App for learning how to weld

The Welducation game will allow users to answer simple trivia questions about different welding processes. In addition, we think the best part is the game portion of the app. In the game, users will get to weld up common welding joints like lap, butt or t-joints with different processes like MIG or Stick. If you have ever welded with an augmented reality system like Miller's Augmented Arc, the experience is very similar.

If you would like to test your skills on the Welducation app, click here to download.

Funtrivia - All About Welding

Funtrivia has a plethora of different trivia quizzes on multiple topics. Our favorite is, you guessed it, the one All About Welding! This is a quick 10 question quiz on standard welding terms and lingo that you can send to your buddies. Try and beat my high score of 10/10!

To test your welding knowledge, click here and play.

Online Welding Game with Valtteri Bottas

This last game is a little more rudimentary as far as how realistic it is compared to the Fronius game, but it is still fun nonetheless. Best part about this game is that you don't need a mobile device. You can play it on a laptop or desktop!

Welding Game to play on your phone or tablet

Test your MIG welding skills and click here.

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