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Welding Fact or Fiction

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#1 – Welding is a modern technique, fact or fiction?

Fiction: Archaeologists have found
welded items from as early as 1000 BC when Egyptians welded iron together.

Modern welding processes were developed
in 1881 when Russian inventor, Benardos invented the electrode welding process.
This was the first arc method. Benardos added a rod to make the process easier
and welding was invented.


#2 – Welding is obsolete today, fact or fiction?

Fiction: Welding has made many
changes throughout the years, but welding is used just as often as it was ten
years ago.



Welding has become more and more
automated but it is still necessary for manufacturing items we use everyday.


#3 – Welding isn’t glamorous, fact or fiction?

Both: Welding isn’t your average
desk job; while you are welding you will be covered in dirt, grime, debris and
sweat. Every day you will face danger in extreme heat and electricity. In this
way, welding is not a glamorous job.



On the other hand, if you get good
at very specific types of welding, manufacturers will fly you around the world to
work for a few weeks. These are often tropical and exotic destinations. This
type of work can often pay six figure salaries throughout the year.



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