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Welding Event: Free Seminar on Pipeline Welding

Pipeline Welding

Calling all contractors and professionals of the pipeline industry – this one is for you. The good folks over at Lincoln Electric are hosting a free pipeline seminar at the corporate headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

What inspired Lincoln Electric to focus on pipeline welding?

  • The boom in energy markets
  • The demand for reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure
  • The need to create new cross-country and subsea pipelines 

Sessions to Address Safety, Quality, and Productivity 

From March 29-31, this three-day seminar will focus on some key issues in the pipeline welding industry. Topics to be discussed include:

Common pipeline welding challenges and solutions

Hydrogen Cracking – What is it and how do you minimize it?

Effects of welding basic and essential variables, including heat input, on weld metal properties

And no, this will not just be a sit-and-listen type of seminar.

Following the sessions, welding demonstrations will be given on the latest pipeline welding consumables, equipment, and techniques. Seminar participants can also take a tour of Lincoln Electric’s “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities.

Registrations Details 

Registration Deadline: 03/15/2011

Seminar Dates: 03/29/2011 – 03/31/2011


Lincoln Electric Headquarters

22801 St. Clair Ave

Cleveland, OH 44117


Space is limited, so be sure to reserve a spot. To register for the seminar or get more information, contact Lincoln Electric at (216) 383-8355.



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