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Welding Certification: Resources to Help you Get and Stay Certified

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Reportedly, one of the most frustrating things about the welding profession is the constant need to recertify. Though certification will make you more marketable to potential employers, it has to be renewed often, tests can be difficult and they can also be costly. Below is a list of resources for those looking to recertify or to keep their certification.

Understanding the Certification Process

Go Welding will give you a wide range of information from what welding certification consists of, to which jobs will demand which tests, and where to go to get certified. This is a great website for new welders who need a little more information.

For more seasoned welders, check out Welding Tips and Tricks. This blog’s author will give you the lowdown on welding certification while venting some of his frustration with the process.This website is also full of interesting tricks and tips that every welder should know.

Finding a Certification Facility

Accredited test facilities, accredited by the American Welding Society, usually offer even the most obscure welding tests but are generally more expensive than certifying at a local vocational school. On the other hand, vocational schools may not always offer the tests you will need. The AWS website offers a welding school locator to find accredited testing facilities and vocational schools that offer certification classes and tests.

Tips to Pass Certification Tests

A quick google search for tips on your certification test will yield dozens of websites written by professional welders who have passed the test you are preparing for. If this is your first time certifying, this is a great resource to get some insider information before the big day.

The Welding Tips and Tricks blog mentioned above also provides a tips section where the author outlines detailed insider tips.

Also check out welding forums for threads on certification tips. Some of these forums include, Welding Web, Weld Talk, and Miller Welds.

EHow provides step-by-step directions on how to pass a certification test that's basic but easy to follow.

If you are certifying for a particular company, many of them offer certification tips and information on their websites. Call the company you are trying to work for or visit their website to see if they provide information.

Maintaining Your Certification

Once you have become certified you will have to keep those certifications by continuing to weld (not a big problem there, right?), filling out some paperwork, getting your boss' signature and paying a small fee. This has to be done every six months. If you miss one of these deadlines, your certification status will be revoked and you will have to start all over from the beginning.

EHow provides a basic overview of what it takes to keep you certified.



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