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Welding and Cutting Machines on Sale This Month

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The best-selling welders and cutting setups at Baker’s Gas and Welding are on sale now with an additional savings this month using our promo codes. With so many top of the line machines on sale at such competitive prices, we’ll give you a quick overview of a few of our most popular welding machines and related products. 

Sale on all Miller Dynasty 210 Machines

Get the best in aluminum and steel TIG welding with this highly efficient TIG welder that includes a cooler and auto-off power controls. Weld longer with the Coolmate 1.3 water-cooled torch system and eliminate guesswork with the Pro-Set control feature. Just punch in your parameters and weld.

With advanced squarewave technology you’ll experience better welding conditions on lower power settings for aluminum and magnesium. Start your arcs with confidence using the Blue Lightning high-frequency arc starter without having to make contact on the metal workpiece.

Sale on the ESAB Rebel Multi-Process Welder

Weld with MIG, TIG, and stick processes at the flip of a switch. You’ll find everything you need to start welding with a professional-grade MIG gun, electrode holder, earth clamp, TIG torch with accessories and Victor gas regulator in this package that is ideal for new and experienced welders. You’ll find an easy-to-use display and roll cage that makes it both simple to set up and rugged enough for any work setting.

The ESAB Smart MIG (sMIG) is ideal for welders who want a stable arc that makes it easier to learn how to weld or to send your welding productivity through the roof. You’ll even have enough time left to repair the roof by the time you’re done welding.

Sale  on the Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

This portable and versatile TIG welder from Lincoln Electric adapts to 120V and 230V power outlets and allows welders to switch from TIG welding to stick welding with significant ease. You’ll love the user-friendly control panel and the clean, simple arc starts.

This machine is especially ideal for working with aluminum. You’ll benefit from the high-frequency starts, the wide and tight arc configuration options, and the precision this machine offers for creating your best welds.

Sale on the ESAB Mini Arc 161 GTAW Welder

Your investment is safe with an ESAB Mini Arc welder that is protected by a thermal indicator and simple but rugged construction. This GTAW welder is affordable for any hobby welder or shop owner and is portable for a wide variety of jobs.

Getting started is a snap with the Mini Arc 161 that configures according to the power supply you select, and the fixed hot start helps you jump into welding without striking the electrode on the metal. The fixed arc force also minimizes the risk of sticking by concentrating the arc deeper into the weld joint for a solid weld.

You’ll weld faster, stronger, and in more places with the ESAB Mini Arc which combines some of the best TIG welder features into a portable and rugged machine.

Sale on the Lincoln 3350 New Twisted Metal Viking Welding Helmet

Enjoy a 3.74″ x 3.34″ viewing area and a perfect 1/1/1/1 clarity rating with this top of the line welding helmet that still manages to be among the most affordable brand names on the market. The Viking 3350 series is the latest welding helmet offering from Lincoln Electric, and it continues to provide the versatility and reliability that welders have come to expect.

With rapid auto-darkening and solar power, this welding helmet is ideal for grinding, cutting, and any welding process, taking standard size cartridges that you can order online as well at Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can easily adapt this helmet for hard hats or add a cheater lens for particularly detailed projects. 

Find the Best Deals on Welders, Cutting Set Ups, and Helmets

There’s a lot more than welders and cutting set-ups on sale right now at Baker’s Gas and Welding. You can get free welding gloves with the purchase of select Miller products for a limited time and you can find additional savings on Lincoln’s top of the line welding helmets. Visit the March into Savings promotion page today to find all of the best deals on welding gear:




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