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Weld My Week: How Can You Be Baker’s Welder of the Week?

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** This contest is no longer active **

Every year the American Welding Society hosts their “Image of Welding” Awards, which honors individuals and organizations “that have shown exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in their communities.” Baker’s Gas would like to do the same but with our own little twist. Here are the rules:

Weld My Week – Rules

You can nominate another welder or yourself.

Your entry must include a picture, preferably one of you welding.

You must fill out the questionnaire below and email your answers to (redacted)

Each week, beginning January 2010, we will choose one welder to spotlight. You may enter as many times as you like, but only once per week. Once you have been selected you may not enter again. We want to give as many different people a chance to be featured as we can.

Entry Form



How long have you been a welder?

What inspired you to begin welding?

How did you learn to weld?

What branch of welding are you into (I.E. MIG, TIG, etc.)? Why did you choose that welding type?

Do you have a favorite brand of welding equipment? If so, what brand and why?

Do you have any advice for fellow welders?

How have you used your skills in welding to promote the field and inspire others?

Do you have any questions about welding?

** These questions are optional. You may answer one, some, all, or none of these questions:

What certification(s), honors, etc. do you have in the welding field?

What was the last welding project that you worked on? What did you learn from it?

What would you change about the welding industry? Why?




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