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Weiler Welding to Build New Facility in Ohio

Weiler Building

In 1920, Weiler Welding began in a garage in Dayton, Ohio. The company is still going strong, despite the tough economic times. In fact, the company has been awarded $100,000 from the Economic Development/Government Equity funds by the Moraine City Council. The money will be used to help finance the construction of a facility on Sandridge Road that has an estimated cost of $2 million.

The money is also to be used to consolidate the operations of the buildings on East Second Street in Dayton and on Main Street in Moraine into the new building on Sandridge. Weiler is expecting to move 23 to 25 workers from the office on Main Street to a new building on Sandridge. 20 to 25 workers from the Dayton office are also expected to be moved. The new building the workers will move to is a 30,000 square foot building. This will allow the company to cut the costs of having different offices without having to cut any of their workers.

The $100,000 grant was approved around 18 months ago by the county officials. Final approval where it would be awarded to Weiler Welding was delayed because the company had to complete the negotiations for the Sandridge location. Now, things are finally moving.

The company may have started in a small garage on Valley Street, but now it has offices in Piqua, Fairfield, and Springfield. It has grown to offer a wide range of products used in welding. It also offers several types of medical and industrial gases. It is unknown how many new jobs will be created by opening the new facility on Sandridge Road but there should be quite a few opening up.

Welding is one industry that still seems to be going strong, if companies like Weiler Welding are anything to go by. These companies are opening new facilities, hiring workers, and proving that welding is an excellent career offering plenty of job security. There seems to be a need for welders that a bad economy just cannot stifle.

Dylan B.


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