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Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News Careers and Fabtech

Weekly Welding Roundup-Welding News Careers and Fabtech

Welders were front and center during the Republican presidential debate this past week as candidate Marco Rubio noted that America needs to stop stigmatizing the trades such as welding. However, Rubio added that welders make more money than philosophers, causing debates over his facts and figures for days.

Some studies of official wage statistics revealed that Philosophers and welders both actually earn roughly around $40,000 annually once their salaries are averaged out. However, philosophers who work as faculty at universities earn up to $30,000 more each year compared to welders. It depends which philosophers you count in your estimates. Regardless, both welders and philosophers are capable of earning a respectable wage.

Welders and philosophers were quick to add their perspectives to the debate, as welders were grateful for the focus on opportunities in a field that expects a talent shortage in the coming years. Meanwhile, philosophers quipped that Rubio had created a false dichotomy between hands-on work and knowledge work, as welders do plenty of critical thinking for their trade.

Whether Rubio was right or wrong about his figures, there’s no doubt that welding represents a growing field with plenty of opportunities.

Welding Industry

Bechtel Recognized for Excellence at FABTECH
Bechtel today announced that it received an Excellence in Welding award from the American Welding Society (AWS) at a ceremony in Chicago. The awards recognize individuals and organizations that have shown exemplary dedication to promoting the image of welding in their communities.

Nominations are judged by WEMCO, an association of welding manufacturers, and by a standing committee of AWS. Enhancing the image of welding as a critical industry is among WEMCO’s top priorities.

Bechtel, at this week’s Fabtech-AWS Welding Convention, won in the 2015 large business category, which is given to a company with over 200 employees. The Excellence in Welding Awards (formerly Image of Welding Awards) are issued in nine categories.

Offshore Welding Process Developed
DCN International Diving and Marine Contractors recently developed and employed a unique method that made it possible to repair a crack in a 32-inch gas pipeline three times more cheaply than by installing a bypass. Engineers from the Dutch company came up with a completely new application for an existing concept. Thanks to a number of innovative alterations, DCN was able to introduce the method in the Java Sea, where an extremely critical repair could be carried out on a live operational gas pipeline. For the client, the new method meant a saving of millions.

Welding Jobs

Welding Competition Aims to Attract New Welders to Workforce
More than 30 students competed in the 6th Annual Regional Welding Competition at J.F. Drake State Technical College on Thursday, trying to prove their skills.

“My students right now are getting a job before they graduate,” said Ryan Green, Department Head and Welding Instructor at Drake State.

Welding Education

Students Weld a Car for Theater Production
The ‘magical car’ that’s the centerpiece of Cypress Ranch High School’s production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” was welded and upholstered by students for the production that runs through Nov. 15.

The difficulty of it never entered into the equation, said Charles Page, the technical theater teacher at Cypress Ranch who designed the car, which has a self-contained hydraulic system. “There’s always a way.”

Welding Added to Kansas Technology Center
A fairly recent off-campus project for Neosho County Community College is the Goppert Eastern Kansas Rural Technology Center. NCCC offers classes in welding and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) at the center, which is located in Garnett.

“We do that for all the regional high schools for the most part,” NCCC President Brian Inbody said, “although we do have some adults in that area as well. Mostly it’s a high school program for Anderson County High School and others within about a 30-mile range.

Iowa High School and College Partner for Welding Classes
Twelve Oskaloosa High School students are earning high school credit and college credit, as well as learning an in-demand skill that may open up a wide variety of careers.

Oskaloosa High School, in a partnership with North Mahaska School District and Indian Hills Community College, have created a two-year welding program. The OHS students travel to North Mahaska. “The site really picked us,’ said Karen Swanson, Director of High School Programs. “The school districts came together and they approached Indian Hills and asked if there was a possibility for them to run a program at that site so student’s wouldn’t have to travel to Ottumwa for the program. There is a high need for good welders.”

Welding Events

FABTECH Canada will take place at the Toronto Congress Centre, March 22-24, 2016. The event is co-sponsored by SME, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the American Welding Society (AWS), the Precision Metal-forming Association (PMA), and Chemical Coaters Association International. Companies specializing in fabricating, metal forming, welding, and finishing will have the opportunity to network, improve productivity, increase profits and discover innovative ways to expand in today’s competitive business environment.

9th International Seminar & Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding
Apr 12, 2016 – Apr 15, 2016, Miami, FL
AWS, RWMA, and Swantec have joined forces to bring this Seminar and Conference on Resistance Welding. Industry experts from leading institutes and companies in the ­eld of resistance welding will give a comprehensive overview on the latest in materials, welding equipment, innovations and industrial applications. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with the leaders in resistance welding.

Welding Gone Wrong

Saskatchewan Welding Explosion Kills 19-Year-Old
A 19-year-old man who was doing welding work is dead after an explosion Tuesday. Initially, officers were called to a report of a firearm discharge near a business south of Kinistino, Sask. at 2:30 p.m. CT. Upon arrival at the scene, officers determined there had actually been an explosion and the man was pronounced dead as a result of injuries sustained.”

Man Saved from Fire in Welding Accident on PEI
Three Prince Edward Islanders were celebrated Thursday night for their actions in saving the life of a man after a welding accident. Austin O’Meara, Glen Campbell and Jewel Easter were presented awards from the Lifesaving Society by Lieutenant-Governor Frank Lewis.



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