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Salvation Army Gets Custom Welded Red Kettle

Welding students at the Industrial Arts Institute worked together to weld a massive red kettle for the Salvation Army in Petoskey, MI. The ceremonial kettle measures seven feet tall and seven feet around and is estimated to weigh a ton. The students even added a massive lock to the kettle.


The kettle will be used for parades and special events, including events that will raise awareness about the Salvation Army’s work. It’s made of mild steel and resembles the kettles typically found outside of supermarkets and other retail stores over the holidays. The welding school’s instructor encouraged other groups to approach him about future projects in order to keep students connected with their community.

Salvation Army kettles aren’t the only thing that’s growing this time of year. The number of welding programs and career opportunities continue to grow as another year comes to a close.

Welding Industry

Welding Company Turns Shop into Concert Venue for 60th Anniversary: “On Friday night, Bluff Engineering and Welding celebrated its 60th anniversary. Manager Andrew Watkins said the company had Wellington country band The Warratahs come down to play in their engineering workshop.

Bluff girl Emmy Roderique, 12, opened the night with a song. She was followed by Gore country singer Jenny Mitchell, who played for an hour and a half before The Warratahs, Watkins said.”

Laser Welder Goes Inside of Pipes: “What if it was possible to weld pipes from the inside? While not necessary for all welding, sometimes there are metal tubes that need repair, and no good way to get to them other than going inside. For tubes that are too small for humans, repairing them means extensive work getting to them from the outside. What if, instead, we could send robots down the tubes, and have them weld with laser?”

Welding Education

Florida’s Community Technical & Adult Education Adds New Welding Facility: “On some days the sound of welding equipment, such as grinders and saws, can be heard in the hallway inside the main Community Technical & Adult Education facility. While the noises are considered a nuisance by some people, most teachers and students in nearby classrooms have gotten used to the buzzing, roaring and crackling.

But all that soon will change when the welding program gets its most significant upgrade since CTAE officials launched it full time during the 2007-08 school year. In a few months, the program will move to a new, $350,000 outdoor welding pavilion.”

Welding Instructor of the Year Named by AWS: “Lewis and Clark Community College Welding Program Coordinator Travis Jumper is receiving accolades from the St. Louis section of the American Welding Society. Jumper recently received the organization’s Howard E. Adkins Memorial Instructor of the Year award.

‘I am honored to receive this recognition,”Jumper said. “I enjoy teaching welding and helping students develop their skills in the trade. Welding is a skill that cannot be outsourced and there will always be a need for welders.”

Welding Jobs

South Carolina School Partners with American Welding Society: “Walters State Community College has become the state’s first authorized testing facility for the American Welding Society.The authorization makes testing easier for those training at the college’s Workforce Training facility in Greeneville, a news release says.

More than 750 students have been trained at the facility since it opened last January. ‘Welding has been an in-demand skill in our service area for many years and we have worked with community leaders to meet that need,’ said Dr. Wade McCamey, president of WSCC.”

Welding Events

FABTECH Canada will take place at the Toronto Congress Centre, March 22-24, 2016. The event is co-sponsored by SME, the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the American Welding Society (AWS), the Precision Metal-forming Association (PMA), and Chemical Coaters Association International. Companies specializing in fabricating, metal forming, welding, and finishing will have the opportunity to network, improve productivity, increase profits and discover innovative ways to expand in today’s competitive business environment.

Welding Gone Wrong

How to Avoid Common Welding Hazards: “Electric shock is one of the most serious and immediate risks facing a welder. Electric shock occurs when welders touch two metal objects that have a voltage between them, thereby inserting themselves into the electrical circuit…”

Welding Supplies

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