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Students Help and Get Experience With Welding

Students Help and Get Experience With Welding

A group of welding students in Pennsylvania, Dakota Ross, Hunter Vandorick, Sam Pelka, and Jordan Smith, learned that their local ambulance service needed a number of grates in their shop replaced. Each grate was rusting and needed to be custom-welded. The costs were estimated at about $400 per grate and became a major setback for the ambulance service if paying for the work at a local welding shop.

However, the four students donated their time and talents to the project, which only ran $100 in materials per grate. The project was demanding and required many custom adjustments, but the students said the project provided them with excellent experience.

Welding Industry

Flashdance Movie Inspired Female Welders
About 3 minutes in, the camera pans to a welder surrounded by flying sparks. The welder pulls off a helmet to reveal the movies star, the actress Jennifer Beals. An 8-year-old Inez Mickel was not expecting to see a woman under the helmet. She was enthralled.

I asked my dad, Can I actually do that? Mickel said. And my dad said, Yeah.

Two decades later, Mickel, now 32, is about a month away from getting her welding diploma at Guilford Technical Community College. On Friday, she’ll take part in the SkillsUSA contest at Johnston Community College in Smithfield. She’ll compete against other welding students from colleges across North Carolina.

Learn to Make Your Own Welding Cart
When you need to weld on your vehicle or work on a larger project that can’t be moved to your table, then you need to move your welder to the job. Learn how to make a rolling welding cart in this video with Eric Lindberg. It can be built in a couple hours and will securely store your welder, helmet, gloves, and other accessories.

Welding Jobs

Welding Industry Job Demand Leads to Wheeling Welding Program
The high demand for skilled welders in the workplace has prompted West Virginia Northern Community College to schedule a non-credit accelerated welding program to begin May 9. David Shahan, Ph.D., vice president of economic and workforce development, and Karri Mulhern, director of economic and workforce development, announced the new non-credit program in welding will join the welding technology degree program.

Raising Kids Prepared Mom for Welding Career
One of the requirements to take welding is the ability to lift 40 pounds. Your average preschooler weighs in the neighborhood of 40 pounds. Mickel has two daughters (ages 12 and 3), so she’s had plenty of practice lifting that kind of weight.

I had to think a little bit about that second thing. In a very reductive way, welding involves using a hot torch close to your face. And that’s what you do with a curling iron work with a hot thing close to your head.

Welding Education

Louisiana College Hosts Welding Competition
Louisiana Delta Community College will host an internal welding competition Wednesday at the West Monroe Campus beginning at 9 a.m. The competition will consist of two tests: V Groove Weld with backing in the vertical position and V Groove Weld with backing in the overhead position. Each test will have a 2-hour time limit from start to finish.

The competition will also be based on the student’s ability to properly fit-up and set his/her machine to the proper settings.  Hold points will be established. Visual testing, and destructive testing will be performed utilizing the AWS D1.1 2016 Code.

High School Students from Minnesota Compete in Welding Competition
Students from 21 high schools in North Iowa and southern Minnesota participated in a welding competition on Friday morning. This is my first time, so I am kind of new to it, but I think it’s a lot of fun,said Chance Brady, Austin High School.

Students from all over the area are showcasing their welding skills at the 10th Annual Welding Contest at Riverland Community College. Each student competes in four different events, arc welding, wire feed, gas welding and a written test.

Arizona College Adds New Welding Program
Cochise College obtained a new testing center for welding students in hopes that it will better market their trade to potential employers. Testing for certification is complex but necessary for welding technology students.

There are four different positions that students can test from: Flat, horizontal, going uphill, or hanging upside down, said Randy Fox. Vertical and overhead are the most challenging positions, but if they pass both then that certifies them to weld in all positions.

Welding Events

9th International Seminar & Conference on Advances in Resistance Welding Apr 12, 2016 – Apr 15, 2016, Miami, FL
AWS, RWMA, and Swantec have joined forces to bring this Seminar and Conference on Resistance Welding. Industry experts from leading institutes and companies in the ­field of resistance welding will give a comprehensive overview on the latest in materials, welding equipment, innovations and industrial applications. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to network with the leaders in resistance welding.

Welding Gone Wrong

College Construction Project Causes Fire
Firefighters were called to ECU’s campus Thursday morning when sparks from a welding project ignited a tank and started a fire.

Captain Milton Carney with Greenville Fire Rescue said it happened on campus at 1861 Macgregor Downs Road. The call came in around 10 a.m. The fire happened as construction crews were working on a student center, which is currently under construction.



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