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Welding Offers More Steady Work and Good Hourly Pay

Brookdale Community College and Ocean County College (OCC) in New Jersey have moved 20 new welders from unemployment or unstable careers to new opportunities in the field of welding. One newly trained welder, Matthew Dolansky, had grown tired by the ups and downs of the construction industry. With his new welding certification, he is better positioned for steady jobs that start with a good hourly rate.

Most importantly, local businesses are starting to contact the college about their program, looking for skilled workers. Several graduates of the program had jobs lined up before completing, while several others already have interviews lined up.

Here’s the latest news from the welding industry:

Welding Industry

Wire-to-Wire Welding Process Developed

The ultrasonic metal welding technique, as employed by the Single Point Ground Welder and other Sonobond metal welding equipment, uses a welding tip to direct high frequency, ultrasonic vibratory energy to the surface between the metals being welded. That vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films between the work pieces, creating a true metallurgical bond. No materials are melted and no heat, current, fluxes or fillers are used, making the welding process particularly energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

Welding Jobs

Welding Company Offers Internship Program

I think these welding students have to know their value. If students can learn a trade, they will never go hungry. Our company is always looking for welders. It sometimes takes eight months to fill a slot. I wanted to make it my mission to go into the class and talk to them about Covanta and let them know we are out there. There is a great profession waiting for them if they choose to pursue it. I want Eric and his students to know I will do everything in my power to help them, Szott said.

Hobart Welding Hosts Job Training Event

Hobart will host an Advanced Welding and Design program as part of its Aluminum Welding Technology Seminars. The three-day workshop will be held at the Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Training Center in Appleton, Wis., Oct. 18-20.

The program provides advanced technical and hands-on welding training focused on all of the elements required to produce reliable aluminum welding procedure specifications (WPS). It is geared toward design, welding and process engineers, and lead welding operators who work predominantly or exclusively with aluminum.

Ongoing Demand for Welders Expected

“In oil and gas, we are seeing the greatest demand for welders in new construction or upgrades in the refineries and also new liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities along the Gulf Coast, Dan Jones, chief operating officer and welding applications engineer with Houston-based Industrial Welding Academy (IWA).

Kentucky Welders Win National Award

Kyle Anspach and Connor Roberts sure do spend a lot of time in the welding shop, despite the fact that neither has started working full-time in the industry yet. The two Lake County men each just placed among the Top 10 in the nation at an industrial arts competition through SkillsUSA, which took place in Louisville, Kentucky, June 20-24. Anspach, 20, of Mentor, and Roberts, an 18-year-old Eastlake resident, were entered into the contest by Lakeland Community College welding instructor Kevin Eubank.

Wyoming Launches Middle School Welding Program

Knighted is 14 and Bolm is 13. They are both Gillette junior high students taking advantage of GEAR Up Wyoming, a federally funded statewide grant that affects 2,000 eligible middle- and high-schoolers each year. GEAR Up gives youth the ability to experience and enjoy hands-on workshops that center on activities from creative recycling to Thursday’s class” welding.

I pitched the welding and creative metal idea to the other members of the program because I thought it would be a good lesson in hands-on work and artistic application,” said Kristin Young, a site coordinator for GEAR Up. We wanted to expose students to difficult and even untraditional career paths.

Welding Gone Wrong

3 Injured Montreal Welding Shop Explosion

One man is in critical condition and two other people are injured after a welding explosion Tuesday afternoon in east-end Montreal. The incident happened at 12:40 p.m. at Desy Mechanics at 9410 Notre Dame St. E in the Mercier neighbourhood. A worker was welding a gas tank when the explosion occurred.Âť

Welding Supplies on Sale

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