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$10 Million Dollar Welding project in Juneau, Alaska

The visitors to Juneau, Alaska’s waterfront will soon find a massive whale sculpture that was welded in part by Craig Starmer. The project costs $10 million and is a focal point of the renovations to the city’s waterfront that is central for visiting tourists coming off cruise ships and tours of the area.

The whale was brought in from a foundry in Oregon that had never worked on a project of this size before. Starmer traveled up to Juneau in order to assist with the public unveiling along with sculptor R.T. Skip Wallen.


Welding Industry

Illinois Community College Adds Robotic Welding to Curriculum
Welding students at Sauk Valley Community College won’t have to wonder whether prospective employers will put them through robotic welding training. That will be taken care of right on campus. The college invested in a robotic welder from Lincoln Electric, so that students can be trained to set up the equipment, program it, and use it for arc welding.

If they’re really lucky, the place where they’re working will put them through some robotic welding training, said Roxanne Finneran who, along with Scott Gillihan, teaches welding at Sauk. But how much nicer is it for a business to have someone who’s already trained on it?


Welding Jobs

Companies Help Fund High School Welding Program
[Kody] Cropp was one of 10 people who completed the 2016 Summer Welding Academy, a six-week, 90-hour program for recent high school graduates offered at Laurel Technical Institute, Sharon, by Penn-Northwest Development Corp.; West Central Job Partnership; local schools; and private employers, all of whom contributed to the cost of running the program.

Indiana Welding Jobs Spark New Training Program
The participants are in a 10-week program, which is new to Ivy Tech Kokomo. The program is short-term and open to the public. Students can choose to crosswalk into academic programs once they finish the course, meaning they can take other courses for additional certifications or enter a degree program.

The school is working with the Kokomo’s WorkOne office, which helps connect people with job training and educational opportunities.”

New Hampshire Company, Filtrine, Uses Its Own Welder Training Program
In response to the need, Filtrine, a Keene-based company that manufactures and exports products like drinking fountains, water filters and process chillers globally, created a series of courses that equip people throughout the community with welding skills.

The courses began over 20 years ago and continue today through the Keene Community Education Program. Community members of high school age and up can learn skills using the Filtrine facility and equipment over a 10-week period. The classes meet once a week for three hours at a time.


Welding Education

Welding Instructor Honored by Former Students
[Ed] Hue, 71, died in July after a 13-month battle with multiple myeloma cancer. The family looked to buy a casket, but none seemed right. They didn’t match the man” so strong and able, so humble, faithful and loving.

So the Hues made their own, led by sons Todd and Edward, and two former students, Kevin Self and Luke Jackson, whom Hue thought of as kin. The finished product is about 6 feet by 1 1/2 feet. It has the Chevrolet symbol Hue loved Chevys plus the word Hue and a cross, both fashioned from horseshoes.

Welding Events


Nov 16, 2016 – Nov 18, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada

FABTECH brings a wealth of innovation and technology solutions to Las Vegas, NV – November 16-18, 2016. More than 40,000 attendees and over 1,500 exhibiting companies are expected to gather once again celebrating metal manufacturing at its best. The event also provides learning opportunities beyond the show floor with over 100 educational sessions and expert-led presentations covering the latest trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.


Welding Gone Wrong

Car Welding Fire Burns Down Shop
The owner of Keisler Automation called 911 Tuesday morning after a vehicle he was welding started a fire¦ The fire spread through the garage after the owner wasn’t able to put the flames out on his own.


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