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State Champion Welder Hopes to Go International

State Champion Welder Hopes to Go International

Former Marine Brandon Hyde returned from home to Wisconsin and struggled to find steady work. He turned to drugs and alcohol as a form of escape, and he was soon arrested after getting into a serious fight with his brother. However, a Veteran Treatment Court helped Hyde, 25, get his life back on track through welding training.


Hyde’s mentor is Tom Hinz, a Vietnam veteran who knows what he is facing and helped him select the best career for his future. Hyde credits Hinz and his welding instructor with helping him succeed in his welding program. Today, Hyde is sober, earning straight A’s, and has been praised as a model student by his instructor. He hopes to go on to work with a welding company that will allow him to travel all over the world.

Welding Industry

Weld Quality Assured by Thermal Imaging Cameras
“Thermal imaging cameras can give an accurate temperature of the plastic parts during the welding process inside the IR welding machine,” says Roy Ray, vice president of Emitted Energy. “These cameras trigger an alarm when a temperature threshold is exceeded. By means of advanced analytics software, they can differentiate between a good and a bad weld pattern.”

Welding Jobs

Former Banker and Minister Takes Up Farming and Welding at 71
“[Joyce Brown] passed the class the second time around, but enrolled for a third time because she became obsessed with creating a perfect welding bead.”

Welding Education

Team of 5 Students Built Grill to Win FABTECH Competition
“Paso Robles High School Welding Technology program took 1st place at the 2016 Welders without Borders: Welding Thunder Fabrication Contest in Las Vegas. Seventeen high school and community college teams gathered from all over California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona for this event.”

State Champion Welder Hopes to Go International
“Welding student and Cedartown High School graduate Ryan Fincher has a big task ahead of him this coming weekend in Huntsville, Ala., as he strives to become one of three that can move onto international competition and a trip overseas.

Fincher, who has been going to Georgia Northwestern Technical College after he graduated in 2015, was invited as one of more than 60 from across the country to participate in the 2017 SkillsUSA World Team selection competition.”

Welding Students Train for Spring Competition
“Independence Magnet High School’s welding students made sparks fly for their latest projects Monday. They are making flag banner poles and fire boxes this semester as they prepare for spring competitions through Future Farmers of America and Associated Builders and Contractors, said teacher Dwayne Wascom.”

Welding Students Make Christmas Tree Decorations for Town
“Oliver, welding instructor at Port Neches-Groves High School, was first approached by the Port Neches Chamber of Commerce with an idea to create 4-sided, rebar Christmas tree forms. ‘We made a mock-up of one and they (chamber officials) loved it,’ Oliver said. ‘Then the teachers started seeing them and asking if we could build them some too.’”

Missouri Welding Class Offered in January
“Jones County Junior College’s Workforce College is offering a welding day class at the JCJC Advanced Technology Center in Ellisville. The course will meet Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m., beginning Tuesday, January 3, 2017, through Friday, February 24, 2017.”

Welding Events

Joining Advanced Materials for the Automotive Industry
Jan 23, 2017, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA
“As new and advance materials are being deployed in the manufacturing industries, welding and joining present a major challenge to US engineers and technicians involved in product design and manufacturing. The automotive industry is a prime example in applying these advanced but sometimes difficult to weld materials. As auto designs embrace the multi-materials vehicle body and new powertrain concepts joining of dissimilar materials becomes an important subject in terms of design, processes, efficiency and structural performance.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Coal Dust Catches on Fire at Coke Plant
“A structure in the Monessen coke plant caught fire Wednesday night when welding caught nearby coal on fire. According to Monessen Fire Chief Chris Rhome, a fire broke out just after 6 p.m. at ArcelorMittal Monessen, 300 Donner Ave., on the third floor of a coal hopper, where a worker was welding.”

Power Plant Damaged by Welding
“The fire that broke out at Vasiliko power station’s desulphurisation unit was caused by combustion residues while welding work was being carried out there, Fire Department experts confirmed on Thursday. During the course of the welding, taking place on the third floor of the unit, sparks emitted reached the ground floor, setting flammable materials alight.”



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