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Women Trained to Weld in Prison

Women Trained to Weld in Prison

A pilot welding program in a Montana women’s prison has successfully graduated 10 women whose welds passed industry standards and gave them a tremendous sense of accomplishment. One graduate, Misty Cockrill noted that the sessions in the workshop gave her a sense of freedom and hope that she was making herself better in preparation for release.

The program was a joint partnership with “Montana State University Billings City College, Great Falls College Montana State University, the U.S. Department of Labor and Industry, the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, Montana Correctional Enterprises, Billings Adult Education and the Montana Women’s prison.”

Graduates shared that they hope the program will continue, as student Erin Gravelin remarked that her welds became a source of pride because of the success she experienced after completing each one. The welding instructors echoed this sentiment during an emotional ceremony, as they remarked that they wouldn’t trade their experience for anything.

Welding Industry

Study Offers Solutions to Six Common Welding Mistakes
“As part of an ongoing study, I-CAR has surveyed welding instructors at over 100 of the company’s classes to pinpoint exactly what issues and hindrances are most contributing to improper welds. Some of the results are surprising, and some are expected. But there is one commonality binding them all: Every common welding pitfall experienced by shops, Brian Wasson says, is completely, 100 percent solvable with a little effort and cooperation with your technicians”

Welding Jobs

Florida College Helps Welders Find Plenty of Work
“Northwest Florida State College’s welding program continues to thrive while providing students with valuable experience and exposure. Each year the welding program seeks out companies to visit and test graduating students on their abilities.

This year, National Boiler Service, Chicago Bridge & Iron, JV Industrial and Yates Construction are using the college’s welding facility to test students from several programs, including 12 graduating students from NWF State. More often than not, students earn employment from the visiting companies, according to a press release from the college.”

Michigan Women Empowered by Art Welding Program
“For Flushing resident Gail Blaszkowski, that’s part of the appeal of the Flint Institute of Arts’ adult welding classes, where students ‘learn to manipulate steel through bending, hammering, cutting and welding to create a unique sculptural form,’ the course description says. A middle school special education teacher by day, Blaszkowski becomes a woman who welds by night. ‘You just feel like you have the power to cut through steel, and when you do, the sparks fly. And when you’re grinding and sanding, the sparks fly, and when you cut the sparks fly,’ she said.”

Welding Education

Chattanooga State Earns Welding Test Facility Accreditation: “Chattanooga State has received accreditation from the American Welding Society to be an Accredited Test Facility. Welding professionals from the tri-state region are now able to earn their AWS Welding Certificates, a transportable credential enhancing their employability and earning potential, said officials.”

Kentucky School Adds Six Welding Certifications
“There are six new welding certifications being offered at Gateway Community & Technical College. Students may now earn welder helper, gas welder, ARC cutter, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal ARC welding and gas Tungsten ARC welding certificates. These are in addition to the combination welder, tack welder, production line welder and ARC welder certificates Gateway offers. Students may also stack these certificates to earn an associate in applied science in welding technology degree.”

Virginia Welding Program Credited with Leading to Jobs
“Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) offers evening welding classes at the Lake Country Advanced Knowledge Center. Two students are employed at American Buildings Co. in LaCrosse and are continuing their skills training to be prepared for opportunities. ‘I really love each of the programs in my division because they lead to good jobs,’ Dr. Chad Patton, dean of Career and Occupational Technology, said.”

Welding Events

Joining Advanced Materials for the Automotive Industry
Jan 23, 2017, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA
“As new and advance materials are being deployed in the manufacturing industries, welding and joining present a major challenge to US engineers and technicians involved in product design and manufacturing. The automotive industry is a prime example in applying these advanced but sometimes difficult to weld materials. As auto designs embrace the multi-materials vehicle body and new powertrain concepts joining of dissimilar materials becomes an important subject in terms of design, processes, efficiency and structural performance.”

Welding Gone Wrong

West Virginia Fire May Be Linked to Welding
“Firefighters believe the fire that damaged a building at Weatherford in Jane Lew Wednesday may have happened because of welding, however, they aren’t 100 percent sure. They say no one was in the machine shop building when the fire started, but workers had been welding beforehand.”

Welding Truck Fire Contained
“A welding truck caught fire in a garage at 19569 U.S. Routes 6 and 19 Sunday afternoon, but between the efforts of the truck owner and the responding fire departments, the fire was quickly contained, according to Chief Matt Smith of the Saegertown Volunteer Fire Department. ‘He had a couple of fire extinguishers and kept it pretty well knocked down to keep it from spreading,’ Smith said on Monday, referring to Theodore Hazelet. ‘We got there and finished it off.’”

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