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Weekly Welding Roundup – $100/hr to Weld? Grab Your Scuba Gear

Weekly Welding Roundup – $100/hr to Weld? Grab Your Scuba Gear

If you love welding and you like the idea of earning $100 an hour doing it, then there are opportunities for you in Texas and California to find welding jobs right now. What’s the catch? You need to weld underwater in scuba gear.

Underwater Welder

Underwater welding is in high demand, and Commercial Divers International Underwater Welding School in Goodyear, AZ is currently accepting students through October 23rd. The school operates at Lake Pleasant and prepares welders for a variety of underwater scenarios.

From oil rigs to underwater piping, city plumbing and sewage issues, and underwater fiber optic cables, divers will have plenty of welding work in the years to come in this career.

Welding Industry

Indiana Welding Lab Expands to Train More Students
“Ivy Tech Columbus and Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing (TIEM) unveiled a new opportunity for manufacturing students recently. The new Toyota Industrial Equipment Welding Lab opened its doors on Tuesday thanks to a $350,000 donation from the company.”

Welding Education


Welding Student Says It Clears His Mind
“Izack Marler is in his third year in the welding program at the Mayfield-Graves County Area Technological Center, and it means more to him than fusing two pieces of metal together.

‘It’s a fun thing to be doing,’ he said. ‘It kind of clears your mind from everything. I’m a hands-on kind of guy.’”


Welding Events

Nov 6, 2018 – Nov 8, 2018

North America’s largest metal forming,  fabricating, welding and finishing event heads to Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA – November 6-8, 2018. The upcoming event is expected to cover more than 625,000 net square feet and anticipates over 35,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibiting companies. FABTECH provides a convenient ‘one stop shop’ venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to  improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs.

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