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Logan Utah Gets New Welded Arch Downtown

Logan Utah Gets New Welded Arch Downtown

Logan, Utah is giving its downtown a facelift, and fabricating a massive arch across the main road of Center Street is putting Baer Welding right in the middle of the planned festivities. The massive arch includes two 20-foot towers and a center span that is 44 feet wide--all to be installed during the month of November. 

The welding project for the Center Street arch was funded by members of the community, and it will be unveiled as part of a larger downtown renovation event that will include a Christmas parade, tree lighting ceremony, and candy ornaments. Sidewalks throughout downtown have been expanded and businesses look forward to the arch that will signal a new era is the town’s growth and development. 

Welding Jobs

Welding Apprentice Program Trains Employees
“A group of Clemco employees recently finished their required welding training as part of an overall apprenticeship program through East Central College. The four employees spent 40 weeks in the welding lab of the ECC Business and Industry Center learning SMAW, GMAW and GTAW welding techniques.

The welding training is part of a 6,000-hour Welder Combination Apprenticeship Certification offered through the U.S. Department of Labor.”

Women Still Have to Go the Extra Mile to Prove Themselves as Welders
“Miller works at Gorbel Inc., which makes work stations and material-handling cranes and fall-protection products. The company has only a few female welders at its 50,740-square-foot Goodyear facility, she said.

‘I’m all for girls who go against the grain, against the norm, who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty or work hard,” Miller said. ‘It makes me proud to be one of them because there’s not a lot of us. I take pride in it.’”

Welding Education

High School Students Get Hands on Welding Career Training
“While his dream was always within reach, it became closer to reality thanks to Omaha Westside High School's innovative welding, fabrication and manufacturing program.

‘Having the opportunity to apply what I've seen in demonstrations, critically think and problem solve has allowed me to broaden my horizons," Brownfield said. "On the technical side, I've learned the ins and outs of various welding practices, and on the conceptual side, I've learned how to advocate for myself.’"

Three Female Welding Students Take Classes in Texas
“Behind every welding hood at Texas State Technical College in Brownwood is a student with passion, but when the sparks die down, this welder stands out in a room full of men.

‘I would go outside a lot and see metal things and I liked how they would connect them together,’ said TSTC welding student Patricia Medrano. ‘Some were proud, some doubted, but I just went on with what I wanted to do.’”

Welding Academy Students Receive High School and College Credit for Classes
“The Cardinal Welding Academy is a joint credit-sharing program between Cardinal and Indian Hills. Students who complete both years of the program receive high school credit as well as college credit, and graduate just a few credit hours shy of an associate’s degree. It’s all at no extra cost for the students and their families, and students from Fairfield and Van Buren are allowed to attend as well.

The program has seen extraordinary growth in the last few years. Enrollment in the program has nearly tripled since 2015.”

Welding Industry

Miller Shares New Welding Monitoring System
“Miller Electric recently updated its Insight Centerpoint weld data monitoring software and added ArcAgent for Insight Core to its universal weld data monitoring solutions, which work across an entire welding fleet—regardless of manufacturer. The arc welding equipment manufacturer said Centerpoint 10 is designed for greater ease of use, faster startup time and a drastically shortened learning curve.”

Welding Industry Projected to Grow
“According to the comprehensive research and deep study, an increasing number of housing and infrastructure projects and improving public transport facilities, inclusive of railways and roads, are expected to lead to significant growth in the arc welding market globally.”

Welding Events

FABTECH, November 11-14 in Chicago

“FABTECH brings a wealth of innovation and technology solutions to Chicago November 11-14, 2019. More than 48,000 attendees and over 1,700 exhibiting companies are expected to gather once again to celebrate metal manufacturing at its best. The event also provides educational sessions and expert-led presentations covering the latest trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.”

Welding Gone Wrong

New Jeep Wrangler Welds Cause Concerns
“The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most popular SUV's in the country, and the world. But lately a growing number of owners have been raising questions about the frames under those vehicles. And they don't know if a recent recall of some models is enough to fix the issues.

Benjamin Rutter's 2019 Jeep Wrangler is spotless. But when this Dayton, Ohio Jeep enthusiast was recently cleaning the underside after a drive, he was puzzled… Rutter knows a bit about welding, and saw what looked to him like breaks in what should have been a solid weld.”

Brand Name Welding Supplies on Sale

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