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Weekly Welding Roundup–Craft Beer and Welding? Inspectors Help Brewery with TIG Welds

If you love craft beer, thank a welder! Welding inspectors Matt Young and Keanan Janus had been inspecting the stainless steel welds at a brewery when they realized that they could do better TIG welds on their own. The two started welding on the weekend, helping breweries with their sanitary TIG welds.


Their niche business is called Whitefish Heliarc, offering code-compliant TIG welds for breweries. Between their experience welding in California, where there there are strict welding codes, and their expertise as instructors, the two bring tough standards to their work, which is also inspected an additional time after completion. Although they do this work on the side, they hope to eventually turn it into their full time jobs.

Welding Industry

Welders Work in Virtual Reality
“Lincoln Electric® has introduced new VRTEX® virtual reality welding training simulators. The next-generation systems feature a realistic GTAW experience. The weld puddle, including weld discontinuities, is visually and audibly responsive to operator behavior and differs for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.”

Welders Show Their Work on Twitter
“The welders’ much-deserved moment in the sun came last Friday. Twitter user @hotmessmaness, whose real name is Kasey, tweeted about the bad (male) welders she sees online. ‘Guys weld like this and have ‘welder’ in their bio,’ she wrote.”

Welding Education

Welding Students Work in Front of Industry Leaders
“Sparks flew as hot metal heated up during the 5th annual Welding Day at the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy. ‘We take a lot of pride in it because every day we’re in here, it’s like we’re on a work day. We’re not just in here. We’re not playing around,’ Megan Coleman said. More than 40 students participated in the event.”

Welder Offers at Cost Welding Class to Women
“Jordan believes that most women have directly or indirectly been told all their lives that welding is a man’s job—which is why he also believes it can be particularly empowering for them to try it. ‘There’s an initial un-comfortability, you’re in an environment you’ve probably never seen before,’ he says, describing the reaction he observed from students in his January workshop.

‘There’s a fear, because a lot of things can hurt you. But then somebody shows that it won’t hurt you…And now not only are you doing this thing that you thought was scary as shit, and ‘I’ve always only seen men do it,’ but this person is telling you you’re doing a good job. I think that’s why a lot of women connect with it.’”

Iowa Community College Moves to Larger Space
“A remodeling project costing nearly one million dollars is underway at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. According to Waldstein, the project involves no external construction of new space — only the remodeling of current space…

The carpentry program was in the space to which the welding program is moving, and no decisions have been made yet on where carpentry may be going. He says the latest technology is going to be part of the project.”

Welding Work

Welding Students Land Niche Credentials for Jobs
“At Sampson Community College, sparks are flying and often they are best seen at night. The new Basic Welding class is offered at night through the Workforce Development and Continuing Education department and has proven to be a success for those looking to get credentialed in welding.

‘This program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education Research,’ says Katie Brown, Director of Customized Training at the college. ‘It focuses on the importance of safety in construction and industrial crafts. Students learn how to identify and follow safe work practices and procedures and how to properly inspect and use safety equipment.’”

Welding Events

RWMA 2019 Resistance Welding School
May 15, 2019 – May 16, 2019
Start preparing for the upcoming Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) certification at the Emmett A. Craig RWMA Resistance Welding School.  Presented by industry experts, this is an intensive two-day course covering the fundamentals of Resistance Welding.

2019 Welding Industry Summit
Aug 29, 2019 – Aug 30, 2019
This Summit is intended to bring the best quality information and construction welding professionals together for a series of interactive presentations on how more value can be brought to welding operations and the best way to execute success welding plans into projects.

Welding Gone Wrong

Welding Fire Destroys Auto Repair Shop
“Welding sparked a four-alarm fire that tore through an auto repair shop in Cohasset on Thursday, fire officials said. Cohasset Fire Chief Robert D. Silvia and State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey said the fire at 147 South Main St. started in one of the repair bays and spread quickly due to the oil and gas in the shop, according to a press release from the state Department of Fire Services.”

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