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Single Moms Get Welding Jobs

Single moms in Wyoming can now work with the CLIMB program in order to find welding, driving, forklift, or warehouse inventory jobs that pay a high wage along with benefits. This has helped many women find non-traditional jobs, such as welding, that enable them to support themselves.


“The state of Wyoming projects that in the next 10 years, job growth will demand 27 percent more commercial truck drivers, 22 percent more welding positions, 18 percent more health and technology jobs, and 17 percent more nursing assistants. Arias crunches job report data like this and sets about building relationships with local businesses that might hire her graduates. Then, CLIMB builds training courses around those opportunities, usually in small classes of no more than 10 students.”

The training cohorts provide a supportive environment that allows women to test out a variety of positions alongside women in similar life situations. And the program is working quite well, with a 91% placement rate.

In addition, the CLIMB program offers employers a 6 week wage refund for any workers who do not stay employed with them. Employers who may be used to hiring men for certain positions will find that this removes all risk from hiring women from the highly successful CLIMB program.

Welding Industry

Welders in Canada Seek Standardized Certification: “Standardization was a hot topic for the more than 50 instructors from across Canada who were in Dartmouth this week to talk shop at the Welding Educators Conference at the campus.

They discussed having a core welding curriculum in schools across the country and standard Red Seal and apprenticeship programs so workers can move easily from one province to another to fill vacant positions.”

Welding Jobs

Students Enjoy Welding Careers, to Their Surprise:  “Metal fabrication skills such as welding have long been considered low value compared to those used in mechanical, computer or electrical engineering jobs, for example.

But this perception comes from an outdated belief that metal fabrication work is menial and creates few opportunities for career progression.  There is also a perception that it is unattractive because it is usually carried out in a hot and unpleasant environment.”

Welders Earning Over $100,000 in Ohio: “I recently visited Pioneer Pipe in the Utica and Marcellus shale area of Ohio and learned that last year the company paid 60 of its welders more than $150,000 and two of its welders over $200,000. The owner, Dave Archer, said he has had to turn down orders because he can’t find enough skilled welders.”

36,000 Welders Needed Along Gulf Coast: “Local employers say they’re worried there won’t be adequate supply of workers of all kinds. Just for construction, Gulf Coast oil, gas and chemical companies will have to find 36,000 new qualified workers by 2016, according to Industrial Info Resources Inc. in Sugar Land, Texas. Regional estimates call for even more new hires once those projects are built.

The processing and refining industries need so many workers to build new facilities in Texas and Louisiana because of the unprecedented rise over the last three years in U.S. oil and gas production, much of it due to shale.”

Welding Education

Duke Energy Invests in Community College Welding Program: “Duke Energy wants to help spark some welding careers in Pender County. The utility giant announced Thursday that its charitable foundation was donating $147,592 to Cape Fear Community College to expand the school’s welding program to its Burgaw campus.

The funds will be used to outfit a new welding lab, including purchasing specialized equipment and modifying the Pender County facility. The grant will also cover part of the costs of materials.”

Welding Events

Welding Education, Skills, and Certification Conference: Indianapolis, IN, July 23-25 at Ivy Tech Community College.

“Join with welding education visionaries this summer to learn how your institution can be integrated into the future of welding workforce training and employment. The American Welding Society and leaders from the industry’s most respected employers and labor experts—including Siemens, Lincoln, Iron Workers and UA—will help you gain new insights, exchange ideas, and solve problems specific to your technical program and your local needs.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Garage and Two Cars Destroyed in Welding Fire: “A garage fire that started at 8728 Jackson Park Blvd. about 7 p.m. Sunday, May 11, tore through the detached garage and destroyed two cars, Wauwatosa Fire Department Deputy Chief Kurt Dressnandt said. The garage itself was significantly damaged as well. There was no dollar amount for the damage.

A man was welding in the two-car garage when a car caught on fire, Dressnandt said. When he tried to put out the fire, he burned his hand, which he later got treated at the hospital.”

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