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Spokane, Oregon’s beloved artist and educator, sister Paula Mary Turnbull, has passed away after spending years creating iconic welding artwork around town and educating visitors to her convent. Turnbull viewed teaching art as central to her mission, and she created the popular “Garbage Goat” sculpture from her studio in the convent.

Her Garbage Goat consumed an estimated 14,000 yards of litter since its creation, but she also welded gates and religious objects for churches and private buyers. Turnbull passed away at the age of 97 after several months of declining health.

Welding Industry

Software Could Make Robotic Welding Automated
“Via a graphic interface, welders can simulate the entire process and correct it as required. This enables end-users to start using a robot for new welding tasks without delay and without the need for in-depth programming knowledge.

If product variants change, the respective welding tasks are easy and fast to reconfigure. To move parts freely on the welding table and thus reduce the necessary devices, the position of components can be accurately measured by the integrated 3-D sensor system and the robot program adjusted automatically.”

Welding Jobs

300 Welding Jobs Open in Abilene Texas
“More than 300 welding jobs are open in the Abilene area, creating a need for qualified employees.

Texas State Technical College Breckenridge offers a three-semester welding class that certifies graduates to fill these in-demand jobs. ”

Missouri Job Center Offers Welding Opportunities
“Organized by the St. Charles County Department of Workforce & Business Development and St. Charles Community College, the expo will include stations for attendees to try a virtual welder, meet with instructors and employers, and learn about training opportunities and scholarships. Attendees also can win prizes and enjoy light refreshments…

‘Currently, there are companies throughout St. Charles County and the St. Louis region eager to hire experienced welders or ready to train new welders. Expo attendees can find out about all the opportunities available and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work in this field.’”

Dina Wind’s Sculptures Remembered
“In the late 1960’s she started painting, but was later introduced to sculpture and welding by a friend and almost instantly put painting aside.

Speaking in the Grounds for Sculpture’s (GFS) museum building, her son John Wind said, ‘She told me years later that a blank canvas was much less welcoming to her than a pile of scrap metal.’”

Welding Students Find Jobs Waiting for Them
“Welding jobs are currently in high demand and are an ideal industry for high school graduates looking to live debt free and earn above-average wages, according to Doug Durliat, West Central Ohio Manufacturing Consortium Director.

An entry-level welder can start off earning an hourly wage in the mid-teens without a college degree, according to Durliat. In the Lima region, students can complete welding programs at career centers like Apollo Career Center in Lima, Rhodes State College and Vantage Career Center in Van Wert.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Texas Man Dies from Welding Explosion
“Deputies said they found a 57-year-old man suffering from severe burns. The man was taken to Clear Lake Hospital, where he died a short time later, deputies said.

Investigators said witnesses reported that the man was welding a gas tank on a small boat at the time of the explosion.”

Canadian Trains Delayed by Welding Mistakes
“The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) recently suffered another setback in the delivery of its much-delayed 204-unit Flexity Outlook LRV order. Carbuilder Bombardier Transportation has advised the TTC that 67 of the LRVs have frames that were improperly welded at the company’s Sahagun, Mexico plant. A Bombardier spokesperson stressed that the welding deficiencies do not represent a safety issue (most of the cars involved are presently in service), but could become issues later in the cars’ expected 30-year life spans.”

Welding Supplies on Sale

Baker’s Gas and Welding continue to offer the Build with Blue promotion on Miller Electric welders, as well as steep discounts for name-brand welders, welding helmets, and welding safety gear.

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