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Welders Getting Back to Work

A North Carolina state program that aims to get residents back to work has already seen success, as two recent welding graduates of Richmond Community College have found high quality welding jobs at Ferro Fab, a fabrication company that has been looking to fill recent job vacancies.

Anthony Allred and Ronald Legrande had both been laid off and joined the back-to-work program that aims to help the long term unemployed and underemployed find additional job training. They received a grant that covered their supplies and tuition at a community college where they both studied welding.

Allred and Legrande had been working odd jobs and struggling to support their families while they searched for sustainable careers. Thanks to their new training in welding, they were able to find work that is challenging and viable for the future.

Welding Industry

Laser Welding Novices Find Help with TruLaser: The TruLaser 5005 from Trumpf Ltd., is a laser welding system that the company claims is easy to operate good for plastic processors that are newcomers to laser welding. Features include a tiltable control panel with a touch screen, process monitor and feed rate controller.

Welding Company Receives ISO Certification: Sauk Rapids-based C4 Welding Inc. has attained registration for the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. According to C4 President Tom Becker, the certification “strengthens our mission to consistently satisfy our customer’s needs,” and “offers credibility as we solicit new customers.”

C4 focuses on fabricating and assembling critically welded components for its primary industries. It makes pressure vessels and other products that service the oil, gas and power generation industries.

Continuously Welded Rail Added for Detroit Street Car Line: The M-1 RAIL streetcar project has set up an assembly line near Cass Avenue in Midtown Detroit to weld steel rail into about forty 560-foot-long strings of Continuously Welded Rail (CWR).

Using a track excavator, 80-foot pieces of rail are moved from the recently-delivered stock of steel onto an assembly line; some prep grinding is done by hand, then the rail is pulled through to a flash butt welder.  Flash butt welding is a resistance welding process that does not use filler metals to connect the rails; instead the welder melts both ends of the rail together by heating up to as high as 1600 degrees and then pressing the molten ends together forming a high quality bond.

Hybrid Welding Process Joins High Strength Steels: Scientists at Laser Zentrum Hannover (LZH) and Leibniz UniversitÀt Hannover (LUH) have developed a hybrid welding system with inductive preheating. This process can be used for reliable, high-quality, single-layer welding of high-strength, fine-grain structural steels up to a thickness of 20 mm.

In order to increase the weld seam quality for laser-GMA hybrid welding, the Joining and Cutting of Metals Group at the LZH has expanded the process to include integrated, inductive preheating. Directly before the welding process takes place, an induction coil brings energy into a targeted area of the welding seam.

Welding Jobs

Brothers Keeping Welding Business in the Family: The Markey brothers are carrying on their family tradition by blending the artistry and craftsmanship they learned from their father with modern software design and laser-cutting technology. In December, after cobbling together about $60,000 of bootstrapped funding, they founded ShieldCo, which designs and manufactures three-dimensional metal art to show off corporate logos, college mascots, military insignia and more.

Based in an old shop in their hometown of Frederick, Luke and Neil create their designs using a computer program, outlining a separate layer for each color in a college team’s logo. Next, they send the design to a local supplier that has sophisticated, multimillion-dollar laser-cutting tools.

Welding Education

Welding Course in Southern Virginia Lines Up Jobs for Graduates: A new program in Southern Virginia is helping businesses find workers. The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center officially opened its welding program Wednesday. Students are given a certification after finishing the 18-month course.

A space in the school’s innovation center was remodeled to fit 10 welding bays for students. So far 19 students are enrolled in the program.

Welding Gone Wrong

Welcome Center in Tennessee Destroyed by Fire: With three weeks left to go on the project, fire broke out at the new welcome center in Kingsport Monday morning, causing damage to at least two sections of the roof. There were no injuries and the Kingsport Fire Department had the fire under control in less than an hour.

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