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Weekly Welding News

The coming shortage of welders was highlighted as part of the Harvard Business Review’s latest article about the industries which may or not may not struggle as Baby Boomers retire. While some industries will not be impacted by an aging work force, there are some welding companies which will need to take specific steps to ensure the new generation of workers receive essential knowledge from their older peers.



David DeLong, the author of the study, writes,



“In this case, the relationships between older and younger workers are critical. Older workers can be part of the solution (e.g., mentoring effectively), or they can exacerbate the problem, refusing to retire or share their knowledge. Executives facing this situation must pay special attention to retaining and utilizing older workers effectively. In addition, initiatives designed to improve mentoring skills and other knowledge transfer practices should be put in place to accelerate development and retention of younger staff. Organizations like Boston Scientific, MITRE, and some nuclear power plants have put elaborate programs in place to address specific knowledge transfer needs.”

If you’re looking to get ahead in the welding field, learning from experienced peers will be essential.

Here’s the latest round up of welding industry and job news:

Welding Industry

New Machinery for Submerged Arc Welding: “A research group for welding technology at Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) announced on January 15 that it successfully developed the industry’s first weaving apparatus for submerged arc welding (SAW). The apparatus is said to be used at Okpo Shipyard. ”

Welders Apply Army Skills to Business: “Diesel and gasoline engine mechanic Henry Curry and welding expert Jeremiah Dickerson are still taking advantage of the skills they learned decades ago in the U.S. Army. Dickerson is the owner of J and D Welding and Curry works along with him at the business at 1133 S. Main St., which specializes in all aspects of auto mechanics, diesel motors, overhauling engines and frames and welding. The business rebuilds transmissions, rear ends and also transforms engines from diesel to gas and vice versa.”

Welding Jobs

Five Point Fabrication Adds to Job Growth in Wisconsin: “5 Point was launched in May 2013, the creation of six former employees of Robinson Metal in Lawrence. They now have 19 employees and hope to grow to 50 in three years, said Mark Nelis, company president.”

Michigan Governor Committed to Bringing in More Jobs: “Gov. Rick Snyder toured Henrob Corporation in Lyon Township Friday, and described the company’s world headquarters for rivet manufacturing the perfect example of how the state can help attract businesses from around the world to Michigan.

Henrob President and CEO Keith Jones talked to Snyder about corporate tax relief. Snyder said the state is working to provide companies the best possible ‘environment to bring you here,’ adding that he doesn’t want incentives to ‘start with the corporate tax break.’”

Welding Education

Pennsylvania College Places 95% of Graduates: “These days, with the unemployment rate still at 7 percent, not too many college presidents can say without exaggeration that ‘employers are standing in line’ for their graduates. William Griscom can, however, and the longtime president of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has the statistics to back it up, including a 95 percent job placement rate following graduation.”

Welding Events

Energy Conference: February 5–6, 2014. New Orleans, LA. Hotel Monteleone.

The demand for new and improved welding technology from the expanding energy markets are starting to pay off in the development of superior hybrid welding processes, new filler metals, and hosts of cladding procedures. The technologies are showing up in nuclear power plants, in coal-fired utilities, and especially in the new 1,700 mile long pipelines designed to bring oil and natural gas to American markets.

Pipeline Conference: March 4–5, 2014. Houston, TX. Sheraton Houston Brookhollow.

Welding has always been an integral part of pipeline construction. It all goes back to the days when hand-held oxyacetylene torches were used to connect pipes together in the field. Current and future pipeline welding trends will be discussed during this AWS-sponsored conference on pipeline welding.

Welding Gone Wrong

Muffler Shop One of Three Fires in Small Town: “In the initial call, John Barlow said that fire started as he was working on a vehicle that turned out to have a gas leak.

‘I was welding and the next thing I knew there were flames. It happened so fast,’ he said. Smoke billowed from the structure as fire crews worked to control the blaze. Traffic was shut down along that section of West Market Street briefly.”

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