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Learn More About Friction Welding and How It Is Done

A recent Gizmodo article featured friction welding for pipes with seemingly otherworldly images and videos of pipes being forced together and then rubbed together so that an orange band forms at the weld joint before cooling. The metal pipes are joined without any filler metal being added.

The author of the article writes:

Friction welding spins so fast and burns so hot that it looks like the excess orange metal is something that’s not meant for this world. The metal pipes forge together so colorfully (and almost unnaturally) that I never get bored of watching the process.

Excess material emerges from the pipes as they’re forced together and the centers fuse together. Once the excess materials is sanded away, friction welding creates a clean, strong weld.

Friction welding isn’t the only thing that’s strong in the world of welding. Here’s a round-up of the latest news in the world of welding.

Welding Industry

AWS President Promises More Welding Jobs in the Future: The president of the American Welding Society, [Dean] Wilson stopped by the William D. Ford Career Technical Center in Westland Thursday to talk to students about the work opportunities available in the welding profession and about changes AWS is making to meet their needs in the future.

The AWS is moving to online learning opportunities to gain certifications as well a create records, populated with that information as well as their work and resume.

Welding Jobs

C4 Welding Invests in Welder Training at Factory: He first stop on a tour of C4 Welding’s factory is a classroom. Often occupied by four students and two teachers, the training center has become the focal point of the company’s aggressive expansion efforts. C4 Welding specializes in welding for the oil and gas, pressure vessel and power generation industries.

“There’s a willingness here to invest in education,” CFO Allan Beyer said. “It’s not cheap, but in the long run it pays off. Education is critical to advancing your people and helping your company grow.”

Welding Education

$300,000 in Scholarship Offered by Praxair for Welding Education: Scholarships are being offered at three Louisiana community colleges, including Delgado, in an effort to satisfy growing job demands for skilled welders.

An estimated 35,000 skilled craft workers are needed to support the industrial construction workforce and an additional 51,300 are needed to replace construction workers retiring through 2016, according to Delgado’s announcement.

Welding Events

FABTECH Comes to Atlanta on November 11-13, 2014: FABTECH is bringing together an anticipated 27,000 attendees and 1,400 exhibiting companies all under one roof. The show provides a backdrop for visitors to experience live equipment demonstration, find cost savings solutions, and network with industry peers throughout the 500,000+ square feet of show floor throughout the A, B, and C buildings at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The event also provides learning opportunities beyond the exhibits with over 100 educational sessions and expert-led presentations on the latest industry trends and technology in the metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing industries.

Welding Gone Wrong

Port of Los Angeles Fire Caused by Welding Torch: A massive fire broke out at the Port of Los Angeles Monday night, burning part of a dock and threatening a warehouse and ship. The flames broke out on the wharf about 6:40 p.m. local time, shutting down the main channel.

A welding torch started the fire that burned the chemical-coated pier, sending clouds of smoke over the sprawling complex and forcing worker evacuations and the closure of at least one school. The fire burned thick pier timber coated in creosote, a wood preservative, and will likely smolder for several more hours, according to fire officials.

Iowa Man Killed in Welding Accident that Remains Under Investigation: A Rupert resident was killed Monday during an explosion that occurred as he was welding on a trailer at a dairy north of Rupert.

OSHA Fines Company Held Responsible for Back Bay Fire in Boston: The welding company whose workers allegedly sparked a fire that killed two Boston firefighters in the Back Bay last spring did not follow safety precautions, a failure that led to the fatal blaze, an investigation by the federal Occupational and Safety Health Administration has concluded.

Calling it a ‘needless, tragic fire,’ the agency issued a fine of $58,000 against the welding company, D&J Ironworks in Malden, in what is the first formal investigation into the blaze to reach a conclusion.

Welding Supplies on Sale

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