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Operation Arc: Graphic Welding Novel

Operation: Arc is a new graphic novel that aims to explain the process and applications of welding to young readers. The book includes full-color illustrations, technical articles, and interviews with professional welders. Each story is brief and easy to read, and the book is perfectly manageable for young readers since it is only 90 pages long.

The Weld Force travels all over the world solving problems and completing projects in each short story.

You can’t start getting young readers interested in welding too soon. There are welding jobs opening up all over the country thanks to oil, natural gas, and wind energy work. Here’s the latest welding news roundup, including a bunch of great news about finding welding work:

Welding Industry

Drilling Business Grows in West Virginia: “Michael Siebieda and Brett Francis were not quite sure what to expect as they welded their way into the Marcellus Shale rush. One year later, the company has five full-time employees and room for plenty more at the once-vacant building at the corner of 42nd and Wood streets in South Wheeling.”

Wind Power Propels New Welding Jobs in Maryland: “Federal officials announced plans Tuesday to auction the rights to build industrial wind turbines off Maryland’s Atlantic coast — a move hailed by many environmentalists and some businesses as the first step toward a new green industry.”

Missouri Fights for Welding Jobs with Boeing: “Hundreds of rural southeast Missouri workers are familiar with daily commute to St. Louis, and there might be more commuting in the future if the state wins production of the Boeing 777X. Mineral Area College would likely be training many of those workers.”

3-D Printer Welds Metal Parts Together: “Engineers from Michigan Technological University in Houghton have rigged up their version of a 3D metal printer that can be made with less than $1,500 of materials and some open-source software. They outline their process – and include plans and a shopping list – in a paper appearing in the journal IEEE Access.”

Welding Jobs

40 Welding Jobs Added by Canadian Company: “A Prince Edward Island company with 50 years of experience as a leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of custom stainless steel equipment is expanding once again. Charlottetown Metal Products, known as CMP, is expanding its facilities and adding to its workforce.”

Welding Among Significant Job Growth in Indiana: “Governor Mike Pence and executives from seven companies announced today new investments in central Indiana expected to create a combined 1,013 new jobs over the next few years.

‘The companies joining us here today have a key role to play in Indiana’s resurgent economy,’ said Pence. ‘Though their lines of work vary greatly, they are connected by their resiliency and demonstrate the growth potential of Hoosiers and the companies they help drive.’”

Welding Education

High School Shop Classes in Vancouver Receive Funds for Upgrades: “A new funding program will buy equipment for B.C. high schools to enhance skilled trades training and offset an expected a massive labour shortage. ‘It became pretty clear phoning around the province that a lot of high schools could use a bit of help with regards to outfitting their shop classes,’ Abigail Fulton, executive director of the Construction Foundation of B.C., said Tuesday. The foundation was set up a year ago as the philanthropic arm of the association.”

Welding Events

Pipelines Conference, March 4-5, Houston, TX: “Welding has always been an integral part of pipeline construction. It all goes back to the days when hand-held oxyacetylene torches were used to connect pipes together in the field. Current and future pipeline welding trends will be discussed during this AWS-sponsored conference on pipeline welding.”

Stainless Steel Conference, March 25–26, Philadelphia, PA: “This conference will bring together some of industry’s most outstanding experts to discuss the welding of austenitic, duplex, and other grades of stainless steel. Topics will include dissimilar metal welds between stainless and steel, repair welding, cladding, cleaning, and the pitfalls involved in stress corrosion cracking.”

Welding Gone Wrong

Ohio Welding Student’s Shirt Catches on Fire: “The Zanesville doctor who dealt with a 17-year-old student burned during a welding class Friday said the student is expected to make a full recovery, Mid-East Career and Technology Center Director Mike Hawley said.”

Hartford Welding Company Fails to Provide Safe Workplace: “Officials with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say Jarosz Welding failed to correct workplace safety hazards cited during a previous inspection of the company’s 544 Ledyard St. shop. The follow-up inspection came after the company failed to provide documents that it had corrected violations that OSHA’s Hartford office first detected in Aug. 2012.”

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