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Weekly Roundup – Research Sparks Bright New Future For Welding

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I’ll try to not drench the “Weekly Roundup” with “Welding Gone Wrong” news, but every week I find at least one story about a fire or some other welding-related catastrophe. This should let you know that safety should not be a secondary priority when welding.

If nothing else, at least read the first story below to stay current on advances in the welding field. I’ve featured this story before, but I want to keep it fresh in your memory. Enjoy! 

Research sparks bright new future for welding

A new engineering research project called MINTWELD (‘Modeling of interface evolution in advanced welding’) has received EUR 3.5 million in EU funding to revolutionize the welding industry by using . . . READ MORE

Schools/Programs and Students:

Mobile lab helps spark interest in welding

Officials at Pitt Community College have found a way to address the college’s space deficit, provide hands-on experience for welding students, and promote the college’s construction and industrial technology division.

Learn more about the Pitt Community College welding program here

Welding centre taking it to the next level

Right from its inception, the welding technology centre in Morden enjoyed strong support, and it has proven to be a success story now for five years and counting. 

Southwestern adds welding technology program

A diploma program will soon be offered at Southwestern Community College in one of the state’s fastest growing occupation. 

Learn more about their welding program here

Welders carry the torch

Cody Minter’s head and shoulders were deep inside a steel barrel Thursday at Yuba College. Smoke billowed around his welding helmet and obscured his view. 

Jobs (The Good):

Workforce in flux a benefit to welding students

When youngsters are asked what they want to be when they grow up, being a welder probably won’t be among the top answers.

Welding skills useful even in recession

When the mask comes down, a welder is in another world, a place of thick darkness broken almost immediately by the spark of a torch that quickly heats up like a tiny star to about 10,000 degrees. READ MORE

Supplies & Tools:

The First-Ever, All-in-One Workstation for Welding and Metalworking: ArcStation

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces ArcStation™: the first workstation designed specifically for welding and metalworking. This purpose-built workbench is . . . 


Welding Gone Wrong:

Jury: Welder due $8.4 million for injury

A welder is scheduled to receive at least $4.2 million from two contractors as a result of a negligence lawsuit that went to a jury last week.



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