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Weekly Roundup – Amazing Optimus Prime 7ft Custom Robot

Car driving on a road in Iraq

Sticking to my commitment of less “Welding Gone Wrong” news, here are some bits about new welding supplies, welding overseas, and more.

The lead story is just the type to lift up your spirits this holiday: Iraqis learn welding through one of our own, Army Reserve Sgt. Pedro Reyes.


Special News:

Cleveland sergeant assigned to teach Iraqis welding: Military Notes

Iraq is still a shooting war, but it's also a welding war, according to the latest e-mail from Clevelander and Army Reserve Sgt. Pedro Reyes, who has been serving there with the 90th Sustainment Brigade since last August.

Amazing Optimus Prime 7ft Custom Robot Auction

If you've got 15 minutes to read West Loh's pitch, you're in for quite an interesting story. This sounds a lot like some get rich quick deal, but he's definitely got plenty of images to show and much to explain about his mission to sell a 7 foot Optimus Prime made from actual car parts.


Schools/Programs and Students:

The return of welding

South Fork High School is again coordinating with College of the Redwoods in offering evening classes at the high school campus during spring semester.


In the Midnight Hour

Midnight classes, once a quirky scheduling option available at only a few institutions, are gaining currency at a growing number of community colleges as student demand for specific courses increases and. . .


Jobs (The Good and Bad):

Survey finds more in U.S. avoid hands-on projects or repairs

The United States has become a nation of "non-tinkerers," a new survey shows, and it has harmed the way we live and work.

In a poll of 1,000 U.S. adults, nearly six in 10 said they had never made or built a toy.

This is good news, in that the prospects for finding more work welding/building for others are increased.

This is also bad news, in that the less people perform these “jobs” the more we’d have to rely on outside sources.

Supplies & Tools:

Lincoln Launches Light Viking Helmet

Lincoln Electric has introduced the Viking auto-darkening welding helmet as a light-weight, high-quality item for light industrial, agriculture and hobbiest use. The new Viking weighs 18.2 ounces and offers. . .


Welding On Another Turf: Overseas News

Kobe steel to establish welding company in China

Kobe Steel, Ltd. announces that it plans to establish a company in Shanghai, China, to market its welding products and welding robot systems in that country. The new company, to be called. . .



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