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Weekly Roundup – Virtual Welding? Lincoln Has You Covered

Prison tower and barb-wire wall

Virtual welding, prison welding, remote-control welding, “Why welding remains vital for today's manufacturers,” and more in this edition of the Weekly Roundup.


Special News:

Prison welding teaches, inspires

Next week, the welding class at Deer Ridge Correctional Institution in Madras will break for the holidays. The inmates won't have to be at class at 8 a.m., they won't be welding until late into the afternoon, and they can get through the week without working on any difficult math problems.

And they are dreading it.

Jobs (The Good and Bad):

Building a welding empire

In the fall of 2000, Mark Ashworth found himself at a career crossroads. Ashworth’s father had asked him to come back to Baton Rouge and eventually take over the family business, Oxford Alloys, a regional supplier of welding materials. But Ashworth had other plans.

Why welding remains vital for today's manufacturers




Piping is critical to industrial operations across all spectrums, and welding is the process that protects the integrity of the pipes. Hospitals using medical gases, oil companies transporting their products, paper mills moving processing chemicals, even athletic facilities heating their fields in extreme temperatures, rely on the dependability of pipes and their welding.

Local Union Hoping To Spark Welding Careers For Former Marines

A local union is offering men and woman leaving the Marine Corps a chance to learn how to become welders. Organizers are hoping the program might spark some careers.

Need For Welders Belies Decline in U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

The unraveling of U.S. manufacturing employment in the past year hasn't damped the outlook for welders, whose numbers lag far below the projected work force needed for increased spending on public infrastructure and energy projects.


Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes:

Lincoln Electric announces its virtual welding system VRTEX 360

LINCOLN Electric recently developed a virtual welding system called VRTEX 360, through which brings a new way to teach basic welding techniques to future welders.

Welding Wire offers high impact strength at low temperatures.

Designed for use on structural steel weldments, XLNT-6(TM) wire offers impact strength of 25 ft-lb at -20°F and resists cracking in applications subject to severe weather. It provides tensile strength of . . .


Welding on Another Turf (Overseas News)

Remote-control welding starts at NRU

NRU operator Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL) has confirmed that the welding technique has been applied to the first of six areas of the inside base of the reactor vessel.



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