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Weekly Roundup – World's Largest Linear Friction Welding Machine

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Amazing projects, programs, techniques, and more fill in the roundup this week. Be sure to read the first article in the roundup on Kenneth Dilley, a welder who overcame hardships to be positive teacher and mentor to others, and a man who passionately used his skills in welding to train others in his trade.



Special News:

Welder passed his skills on to others

When given tough circumstances at a young age, some people allow themselves to become a victim of their environment, while others rise above it.

A teacher and mentor, Kenneth Dilley of St. Joseph took the lessons he learned from growing up poor to help those in need.

Local welder creates horse ‘masterpiece’

Visitors pulling up to Bibi Ann Lynott’s home in Warrenton may be shocked to see what looks like a horse’s skeleton, posed in mid-gallop, in her front yard.


Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes:

World's largest linear friction welding machine

Developers claim to have created the world's largest linear friction welding machine, capable of welding a suface area of 10.000mm2 – nearly twice as much as previously achieved.

Company developing high-tech welding technique for military

Jim Hutto is excited and enthusiastic as he shows visitors an aluminum plate that he says demonstrates why his company, H.F. Webster, can succeed.

Hutto is trying to eat his lunch, but he manages to eat just one french fry as he explains that a cutting-edge technology called friction stir welding.

Schools/Programs and Students:

Farm Bureau has scholarships

Both the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation and the Washington County Farm Bureau have scholarships available.

The Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation announced it has applications for two scholarship programs from the state Farm Bureau for the next academic year.

Lincoln Electric Welding School announces 2010 schedule

The Lincoln Electric Welding School, which has instructed more than 120,000 students since its inception in 1917, announces its 2010 schedule.

The Lincoln Electric Welding School is the oldest and one of the most respected arc welding schools in the United States.

EHS welding program needs sponsorship support.

The welding program at Estacada High School is great, but it doesn’t have any sponsors.

Vocational school to offer Carrollton welding classes

The Carroll County Vocational School will offer a welding class at night for public enrollment.

The welding class will teach students the art of AWS pipe testing and basic ARC welding.




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