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Weekly Roundup – ILMO Employee Spreading Welding Skills in Haiti

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This is more like the “middle-of-the-week roundup.” Last week was such a slow week for welding news that I decided to wait a few more days to create this post. Enjoy!

Special News 

Go Welding.Org is Bringing Much Needed, Unique and Totally Free Information About Welding to the Web for Students and Hobbyists Alike

Information about welding is now available with no catches or registration required! As if that weren’t enough, Go Welding.Org is not like most other sources of welding information in that it explains different welding processes in normal, everyday terms.

'Spark' by Frank Koller details Lincoln Electric's promise to its workers

About 3,300 workers in Euclid, Ohio, cope like the rest of us with the bleak certainties of life — death and taxes. But, they enjoy another guarantee most of us don't — a job.

ILMO employee spreading welding skills in Haiti

When Gailyn “Gay” Cornell left the Haitian community of Calebasse, a part of the ILMO Product Co. branch director’s knowledge stayed behind.

Cornell taught people in the remote, mountainous community how to weld and to teach others to do the same. 

Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes:

Weldcraft to Showcase TIG Welding Torches and Accessories at Sun n’ Fun 2010

Weldcraft announced it plans to attend the Sun n’ Fun 2010 Show in Lakeland, Fla., April 13 to 18. The company will share Booth #SE028 with Miller Electric Mfg. Co., where it will showcase TIG welding torches and accessories designed to improve welding performance on critical aviation applications.

Gases and Welding Wiki supplies daily welding industry news.

Located online at www.gawdawiki.org, GAWDAwiki headlines offer daily news resource for people in gases and welding industry. They complement wiki, which provides terms and concepts relating to gases and welding.

American Welding Society launches website on building a metalworking career

THE AMERICAN Welding Society (AWS) has launched a new website in collaboration with the National Center for Welding Education and Training (Weld-Ed) on education within the welding industry.

Schools/Programs and Students

Evening Welding Classes Being Offered in Cabell County

A national shortage of welders is being addressed as a new session of evening classes is being offered in Cabell County.

The Robert C. Byrd Institute for Advanced Flexible Manufacturing and the Cabell County Career Technology Center is offering the 16-week welding class.

Free welding seminars, March 19-20, Seattle

Forsstrom, Dickson, Ferrari, Mehler and Verseidag are working together, combining documentation on weld processes into a sample binder in which all recommended settings are shown.

You can learn how to perform stick welding

Northeast Iowa Community College will offer a Basic Stick Welding course on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 5 to 9 p.m., Feb. 24 to March 29.

“Welding Olympics“ Come To Tulsa

High school teams of a different kind come to town Saturday for competition.
Students from across the country crowded into Tulsa Welding School for a metal work competition on par with the Olympics.

Welding Jobs (The Good and Bad)

Technical training important for future jobs

The next workforce generation is concentrating on landing the technical jobs to make the money.  "Oh yes, big money," is what Jacksonville student Ethan Hanks wants.



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