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Weekly Roundup – Welding Skills Open Career Doors

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Though the roundup this week is short, most of the news comes out of the “Schools/Programs and Students” section. New to the roundup is the “Up-and-coming Events” section. Each week I’ll post new events in the welding world, such as competitions, seminars, etc. Enjoy!




Special News

Welder's work aims to foil parking-fine box burglars

The black boxes full of cash and checks were just too tempting.

The city's new parking-fine boxes, installed last May, had been in place about eight months when someone figured out how to bust into them. . .


Up-and-coming Events

Free welding seminars, March 19-20, Seattle

Forsstrom, Dickson, Ferrari, Mehler and Verseidag are working together, combining documentation on weld processes into a sample binder in which all recommended settings are shown.


Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes:

New Guidelines Approved To Prevent Tomahawk-Like Explosions

The federal government announced new guidelines Thursday for industries to prevent explosions like the one in Tomahawk a year-and-a-half ago that killed 3 paper mill workers.


Schools/Programs and Students

Amendment would support welding program

The Nebraska Department of Corrections Work Ethic Camp in McCook would get $60,000 for its welding program under a bill pending in the Nebraska Legislature.

Welding skills open career doors

Wielding a small blowtorch and with fiery sparks flying, Solano Community College student Kevin Vasquez cut a thick, rusty pipe into smaller pieces in the school's welding shop Tuesday.



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