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Weekly Roundup – Rosie the Riveter? No. Velma the Welder

Recreation of Rosie the Riveter

This week’s roundup is full of interesting news. Would you offer a reward of nearly 2x what your welder is worth if it were stolen? How did Gailyn Cornell use welding to make a difference? What is the new welding discovery that could radically improve manufacturing processes? Read on through the roundup for those articles and more. Enjoy! 

Special News

Rosie the Riveter? No. Velma the Welder

In 1941, 19-year-old Velma Theriot wasn't satisfied making just $10 per week as a store clerk.

She turned to metal work for a better wage, not knowing her handiwork would help American and its allies achieve a historic military victory.

Kingman man offers more reward than welder worth

Carl Alvarado knows money talks. That's why he decided to offer a reward twice the amount of the value of a wire feed welder stolen out of his garage.

Teaching Welding and Delivering Hope

Haiti is a nation in ruins following an earthquake in January, but it’s also a place with hope for rebuilding, thanks to volunteers like Gailyn Cornell.

Welder heats up competition

Safety goggles on and mask adjusted, senior Austin Oliver is right at home as sparks fly in the Paola High School welding class Thursday mornings.
This is what he was born to do.

Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes:

New welding discovery could radically improve manufacturing practices

The discovery is part of the University’s revolutionary research on Ready-to-use Additive Manufacturing (RUAM), a new technology that aims to improve industry’s ability to manufacture high precision ready-to-use functional parts for a range of applications from small turbine blade repairs to making large aerospace structures.

Opening New Doors with Welding

    Manufacturers often face a delicate balance in deploying welding on large-scale applications. These operations require rigorous procedures with sophisticated production machinery, and more.

    Miller's New Line of Arc Armor Titanium Series Welding Helmets

    Miller Electric Manufacturing Co. has introduced its line of Arc Armor Titanium Series welding helmets. The new line is lightweight, provides skin coverage, reflects radiant heat and more.

    Welding on Another Turf (Overseas News)

    NDDC, NIW train 3,000 welders

    The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and the Nigerian Institute of Welding, NIW, have partnered to train over 3,000 competent welders in the Niger Delta for the next three years.



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