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Weekly Roundup – Kentucky Derby Festival Event

Old image from Kentucky Derby

It seems that more and more welding programs pop up each day, further proof that the craft of welding is far from being taken over by robots. Read on through the roundup for more information about such programs and more. Enjoy!



Special News

AWC welding program to host 'green' symposium

The next generation of industrial technology is coming to Arizona Western College as the school prepares to host a symposium Tuesday on cutting-edge welding processes.

These beds are made for racing – in Kentucky Derby Festival event

The all-aluminum rig is custom designed and assembled by the Knight School of Welding, the first official “Bed Designer” of the annual event.

Schools/Programs and Students

World of welding is being explored

By blending a curiosity that dates back to the Bronze Age with state of the art technology, students in metal sculptor Mike Patterson's class at the Jersey Shore Area High School are exploring the world of welding.

Midnight welding class creates quite a spark

Three students operate grinders at a workbench, throwing sparks into the air in glowing rooster-tail formations.

Free Welding Training

Are you interested in welding? If so, free welding training is being offered by the city of Prichard, Bishop State Community College, Mobile Works, The Mobile county public school system and the Governor's Office of Workforce Development.

Welding Gone Wrong

Welder's torch causes Pico Rivera City Hall evacuation

City Hall was briefly evacuated Thursday after sparks from a welding torch caused a small portion of insulation to burn in the building's basement, causing smoke and fumes, said Assistant City Manager Jeff Prang.



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