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Weekly Roundup – Welding Spotlight on Undercover Boss

Raging wildfire

This roundup is packed with news.

Welding takes the spotlight in one episode of the CBS reality show Undercover Boss. Does your boss have any actual experience with a welder? How well do you think he or she would do working your job? Check out the Undercover Boss story and more in this edition of the roundup. Enjoy! 

Special News

Des Moines Rotor-Rooter welder on ‘Undercover Boss’

Dan Nicholson spends his days garbed in heavy protective gear, enduring sweltering temperatures while melding metal together for machine frames.

The 48-year-old is a welder at Roto-Rooter, the plumbing and drain cleaning service founded in Des Moines 75 years ago.

New Youth Offender Program Shows Promise

A new program has been instituted at Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility. In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL), students at Pendleton are being given a unique opportunity to receive training and develop skills in welding and steel fabrication under the USDOL Apprenticeship Program.

Kenna native wins welding award

Kenna native Rod Lambirth’s welding techniques are now award winning.

Lambirth took two top awards in March for his welding at the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association competition in Tulsa.

Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes

Welding machine has infinite voltage pre-selection

The welding machine with infinite voltage pre-selection is available in capacity classes 350, 450 and 600A, and is suitable for manual and automated welding.

The multi-process system can be individually configured and is suitable for the processes.

Schools/Programs and Students

Welding training program in Prichard

The City of Prichard in conjunction with Bishop State Community College, Mobile Works, Inc., Mobile County Public School System and the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development announces the BuildMobile North welding program.

Hannibal teen welder making sparks nationally

Hannibal High School Senior Joey Tabor knows his way around welding. He recently placed fourth out of almost 200 high school welders representing the Hannibal Career and Technical Center at a nationwide competition.

Owens having Welding Night on Thursday

Owens Community College invites race and truck fans to the Toledo-area campus to see competition vehicles and learn about careers in the welding and automotive industries at the 14th annual Lincoln Motorsports Welding Night.

I.V. welders spot on during RCC contest

Students at Illinois Valley High School brought home nine awards from a welding competition at Rogue Community College in Grants Pass on Friday, March 12.

Welding Jobs (The Good and Bad)

Sparking new careers

Jerett Spencer of Harris burg was laid off twice from the Taylor-Wharton plant on Herr Street, and now the plant is closed.

But Spencer, 29, has high hopes. He's halfway through a new 16-week course set up in West Hanover Twp. to train people to be welders.

Welding Gone Wrong

Tuesday wildfire caused by workers

A 60-acre wildfire that destroyed three buildings at the Great Salt Lake Marina on Tuesday has been ruled an accident, fire officials said.

Big Spring Dealership Cleaning Up After Welding Accident

Pollard Chevrolet employees in Big Spring are left with a big mess to clean up, thanks to welding accident that started in their truck shop.



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