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Weekly Roundup – Happy Birthday, Laser!

Laser beam

Happy belated birthday to the laser! Laser welding would just be, well, welding without a certain Hughes Labs researcher and his ingenious creation. Read the first article in our roundup for full details of the laser’s birthday. The rest of the roundup features more articles on welding competitions and more. Enjoy!  

Special News

The laser turns 50

Fifty years ago Sunday, a Hughes Labs researcher named Theodore Maiman changed the world.

Lincoln Electric helps build Iron Man suit

Reviews of the Sci-Fi adventure Iron Man 2 have been mixed, but for one local business the movie is already a big hit.

Industry News – Supplies, Tools, Welding Processes

GAWDA Magazine highlights training opportunities.

To keep young executives in gases and welding industry informed as to available training options, Spring Training For Young Executives highlights 3 of GAWDA's most helpful training options and also gives advice on how to maximize benefits of said opportunities.

Schools/Programs and Students

College looks to 'reweld' program

Mohave Community College has launched a new initiative it hopes will give its welding graduates a better chance at finding work once they finish their degree.

National welding competition heats up

Thomas Nelson Community College will open its upgraded welding center and offer cost-subsidized training in May, which will feed a field experiencing a nationwide shortage of workers.

Future carpenters, welders vie for medals, scholarships

Medicine Hat College student Jory Barton is surrounded Wednesday by sawdust as he bends over the frame of what will eventually become a wooden covered bridge at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

All Badger welding students achieve qualification

In a new first for the welding program at the T.H. Badger Technical Center, all Level 2 welding students have qualified as welders under the American Welding Society's structural code D1.1 and/or the code for welding sheet metal D9.1.

PATHS welding students ace certification test

The results are in for welding students at Portland Arts and Technology High School who accomplished a first by taking a national certification test.

Welding Gone Wrong

14th Street Fire Sparked By Welding Accident

Some more details are coming out about the three alarm fire that raged through a strip of shops in the East Village yesterday. At around 10:15 a.m. a fire started in Pete's-a-Place on East 14th Street and Avenue A , which quickly spread to four other stores. . .



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