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Weekly Roundup – New York State FFA Welding Contest

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Enjoy some news on a record-setting weld, welding programs for students and teachers, plus more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. If you’re a student in New York, be sure to check out the article on the New York State FFA Welding contest if you want to enter. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men out there (my amazing Dad included) that are heroes, friends, protectors, and so much more to their children! Enjoy your day!



Special News

Orion Capsule Weld Sets Record

A circumferential friction stir weld used to join the two halves of a test article for NASA’s proposed Orion crew capsule is the longest ever accomplished, demonstrating the manufacturing advances achieved in the U.S. space agency’s troubled Constellation program.

Schools/Programs and Students

Teaching ag teachers to weld

Summer is the time of year that some teachers use to learn new things that they can then teach their students.

Welding center in works

Chattanooga State Community College plans to partner with the Rhea County and Dayton city governments to create a welding program where local residents can train for manufacturing jobs.

Student Welders May Pre-Register by July 23 to Compete at Empire Farm Days

Students interested in competing in the New York State FFA Welding Contest at Empire Farm Days are encouraged to pre-register by July 23, 2010.

High school students weld college and high school together

Some students at Standish-Sterling Central High School are just concentrated on getting through their complicated high school career. But a few, like some of Jim Proctor’s students, get to weld together their college and high school education.

Welding Gone Wrong

Local welding supply company facing tax liens adding up to over $626,000

Wichita Welding Supply Inc. is facing more than $626,000 in a series of federal tax liens dating back to 2006.

Repairman with welding torch accidentally sets South Memphis church ablaze

A church in South Memphis caught fire Thursday afternoon after an air-conditioning technician accidentally started a fire with a welding torch.

Malfunctioning welding equipment may have sparked minor boat fire

A fire believed caused by malfunctioning welding equipment caused minor damage to a boat tied to the end of the pier behind the Waterfront Grille Wednesday afternoon, according to the Coast Guard.



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