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Welding During WWII

WW2 Planes

Around the welding world brought news of veterans, welding “showdowns,” careers built from a mother’s passion and so much more. Enjoy this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.”



Special News

A Veteran's Story: Valued trade landed him in Army Air Force during WWII

Welding was the ticket that got Richard "Max" Sayre out of Ohio's coal fields and through World War II.

Mother's love of fast cars inspires a career for Schaumburg man

It's Monday morning when a guy drives in from Michigan so Matt Dinelli can install a lift kit on his truck.

Miller Welding Contest: Welding Showndown!

Earn bragging rights by becoming the Miller Welding Showdown Winner.

Industry News

BUSINESS NEWS: Recycling Services unveils solar welder

Recycling Services Inc., a nonprofit community recycling and alternative energy resource center, celebrated the June 21 Summer Solstice with a unique event.

Schools/Programs and Students

New welding lab for inmates launching July 12

On July 12, the Wyoming Department of Corrections will celebrate the completion of the new instructional mobile welding lab in Cheyenne  that will be used for training inmates across the state.


Welding Jobs (The Good)

Wallace College programs help displaced workers

When J.T. Harper lost his job on an offshore oil rig, he decided he had a better chance of getting a new job if he obtained formal education in the welding skills he picked up as a roughneck.

Free job training on tap

Thanks to a $21 million grant from the Department of Labor, nearly a dozen Twin Cities schools are offering free training on green construction, carpentry, weatherization, welding and heavy-equipment operation.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas News)

Canadian Welding Bureau gets new home

CWB Group has moved to a new and bigger facility in Milton, ON. The new 28,650 sq ft building is also home to the Advanced Welding Technology Centre (AWTC), the first of its kind in North America, according to CWB.



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