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Weekly Roundup – World's Largest BBQ!

Sausages on grill

Whoa! This week is overflowing with welding news. Check out the world’s largest BBQ grill (I definitely could have used it this past July 4th), read up on how Lincoln Electric is raising awareness about welding, and find out why Parker County, TX welders will be supervised on outdoor welding projects. Those interesting reads and more fill out this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. Enjoy!

SIDENOTE: It’s Friday the 13th! I didn’t even realize it. I don’t really believe it’s bad luck, but I find the story behind it fascinating. Do you believe in any superstitions?


Special News

World's largest BBQ 'God-grilla' that can cook 1,000 sausages at once

A British engineer, Jack Henriques, has built the world's largest barbecue, dubbed "God-grilla", which can cook more than 1,000 sausages at once.

Lincoln Electric campaigns for welding awareness

The campaign is intended to help fabricators to understand the requirements and ramifications of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Metal Fabrication Hazardous Air Pollutants (MFHAP). The campaign also addresses. . .

County burn ban in effect

Parker County Commissioners voted unanimously to place all unincorporated areas of the county under a burn ban, following a recommendation from Parker County Fire Marshal Shawn Scott due to drought conditions, at the court’s regular meeting on Monday.

Welding Schools/Programs

Johnson hopes to build gas drilling workforce

In order for Johnson College to keep up with the future of Pennsylvania’s industries, the technical school has gone back to its past.

Welding program sparks new determination

Ann Jewell started this week with a new purpose.

The 50-year-old Hedley resident is among more than a dozen students who have commenced a 24-week Okanagan College welding apprenticeship program in Princeton.

College of Technology opening more carpentry, welding programs

In response to the demand for additional education and training opportunities following recent layoffs in western Montana, the University of Montana College of Technology is opening two additional industrial trade programs beginning this fall.

Welding school plan hits snag

Plans to bring a welding school to Rhea County have hit a snag.

Welding Students

Teen pieces future together at trades challenge

Jay Kendrick-Cook gently guides a welding torch along a polished metal frame.

Kids learn about manufacturing

Area junior and high school kids have been learning about metalworking, robotics, welding and other aspects of manufacturing at a special camp at Fox Valley Technical College.


Welding Jobs (The Good)

Owners and employees put South Park Welding Supplies back together

The past nine months have been challenging for South Park Welding Supplies employees.

But that doesn't mean they're not grateful to go to work every day.

Age Only a Number for Gases and Welding Salespeople

The differences between the generations in the work force have been well documented. But, surely, those differences don't transfer over to the gases and welding sales force, do they?

Welding Gone Wrong

The sinking of the Kursk – an accident that might have been prevented

The Russsian Oscar II class submarine the Kursk was on routine exercise when the tragedy struck.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas News)

Jinja youth want welding machines

YOUTH in Busedde sub-county, Jinja district have asked their leaders for more welding machines to fight unemployment.



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