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Welder Wins Lottery Jackpot

Lottery tickets

How would you celebrate winning the lottery? Would you even celebrate (I would!)? Find out how one welder handles winning a million dollar jackpot in the “Special News” section below. That story and more make up this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. Enjoy! 



Special News

Ridgefield welder wins Powerball, takes one day off

Alfred “Skip” Consavage is trying to be polite to everyone who calls.

Consavage won $1 million Saturday in the state’s Powerball drawing and understands that people want to talk to him. “You can’t be rude,” he said.

Welding Industry News

Lincoln Electric Launches NESHAP Awareness Campaign for Metal Fabricators

Lincoln Electric has introduced phase 2.0 of its “Are You Ready?” fume control regulation awareness campaign. The campaign and its supporting materials are designed to. . .

Miller to Give Seven Presentations at 2010 AWS Aluminum Welding Conference. . .

A team of Miller welding engineers and aluminum specialists will share information to improve results in GTAW, semi-automatic GMAW and automated GMAW welding of aluminum at the AWS Aluminum Conference.

Self-bunkering inductive proximity switches for welding applications

In abusive welding environments, ‘bunkering’ is the technique of mounting sensors within tough metal brackets to provide protection from impacts. However, many sensors have not been properly bunkered, resulting in repeated (and costly) failures from impact damage.

Welding Schools/Programs

NGTC to break ground on new welding facility Sept. 8

Wednesday, Sept. 8, will mark another milestone in North Georgia Technical College’s drive to upgrade learning facilities for students. The official groundbreaking for the new 17,000 square-foot welding building will take place on the Clarkesville Campus at 10 a.m. that day.

New welding shop opens at BYHS

Bartlett Yancey High School welding students will be learning in a state-of-the-art facility this year as Caswell County Schools held the open house for its new welding building Monday.

Bear River senior wins big with artful welding

Bear River senior Claire Newman’s agricultural mechanics entry at the Nevada County Fair is the epitome of the 2010 fair theme, “Rooted in Tree-dition.”


Welding Jobs (The Good)

America’s Most Wanted: Skilled Workers

Consider a manufacturing career amid media reports of shuttered factories, job losses, and the worst economy since the Depression?

Welding Gone Wrong

Chautauqua County man hurt when welding tank ruptures

A Forestville man was burned Friday when welding equipment tipped as he worked on a vehicle. He was flown to Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo.



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