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First Welding Shields Specially Designed for Women Welders

Quebec, Canada

Much went on this week in the welding world. Get caught up on new welding programs opening around the country, check out the great designs on new welding shields made for women welders, and read about the trade school students that feel “duped.” Those articles and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. Enjoy! 

Special News

First Welding Shields Specially Designed for Women Welders

Welding shields specially designed for women welders are finally here. The expressive, intricate graphic designs reflect the precision welds that women are known for.

Ex-seamstress welds steel gates to protect bats in Tennessee

Kristen Bobo spent her off-time caving and her work hours as a seamstress until disaster struck.

Vandals entered a cave she managed in Fentress County and killed dozens of the endangered bats inside. The shock sent her down a new path in life, one that required welding.

Welding Industry News

EPA Considering Adopting Stricter Standard for Welding/Sanding By-Product Hexavalent Chromium

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a 60-day public comment period and a public listening session for the draft human health assessment of a toxicological review of hexavalent chromium.

Welding and Gases Magazine offers employee management tips.

Presented in fourth quarter issue of Welding and Gases Today, article by Patrick Sweeney focuses on ways to keep top employees engaged during tough times.

Unique Welding Process Expands TPE Use [Plastics Welding]

A breakthrough assembly technology opens the use of thermoplastic elastomers for medical fluid delivery applications, including bags and tubing.

Welding Schools/Programs

Hot metal: College launches new welding program

Williston State College has expanded its list of offerings with the addition of a Welding Technology program.

Welding pre-employment course launches

Sparks were flying at the welding shop on Sept. 28 at County Central High School (CCHS).

Three students enrolled in a welding pre-employment program started their course on Sept. 20.

Welding Gone Wrong

Local trade school graduates feel duped

They were promised they'd graduate with their heads filled with all the required marine interior skills. No one ever touched any welding equipment, let alone received training on how to use them, they said.

Family of 'Transformers 3' extra files suit over accident

. . . . an accident Sept. 1 during the filming of "Transformers 3" left her permanently brain damaged, paralyzed on her left side and her left eye stitched shut, according to her attorney and a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

Fire at West Texas Cancer Center Forces Staff and Patients to Evacuate 10/6/10

Staff and patients were forced to evacuate after a fire at the West Texas Cancer Center.

Small fire extinguished at Mitsubishi plant

A small fire brought Normal firefighters to the Mitsubishi Motors North America plant Thursday morning, but the welding spark mishap proved minor.

Fire destroys mobile home near Neches

A fire possibly caused by welding activity destroyed a double-wide mobile home near Neches over the weekend.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas and Across the Border News)

Linde Canada to Highlight Welding Gases and Equipment at Quebec Industrial Tradeshow – CANADA

Metal fabricators attending this year’s Salon industriel de Quebec- an Industrial Tradeshow in Quebec City – looking for increased quality and productivity, as well as improved safety, are invited to visit with Linde Canada welding experts who will be highlighting the company’s line of welding gases and equipment and safety products.



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