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Halloween decorations

Much took place in the last week of October. Find out what happened in the welding world as others got ready for Halloween.

Are all trade schools worth your time and money? Read about what happened to some students of a Texas trade school that got much less than they were promised. That article and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. Enjoy! 

Special News

Bitter lessons for trade school graduates

A year-long News 8 investigation finds that ATI recruiters have targeted the homeless and felons as students, tapping into government loans and grants, and misleading both the students and the government.

Welding Industry News

MIG Welding Nozzle Rental Program Reduces Costs & Helps Environment

A new MIG welding nozzle rental program was introduced today by Weld Daddy anti-spatter defense systems of Dalton, Georgia. Designated the Single & Tandem Annual Rental (STAR) program, the new program enables qualifying companies the option to rent nozzles instead of buying them.

Welding Schools/Programs

Burley family, school program share in welding success

Burley High School’s vocational agriculture department is manufacturing more than typical student projects — it’s cranking out students with top-notch job skills.

Wicks Offers Hands-On Workshops with TIG Welding and Superflite Covering

Wicks Aircraft Supply is offering a pair of two-day workshops for homebuilders that focus on TIG welding and the Superflite aircraft covering process.

Welding Students

Students compete in weld-off contest

More than 100 students from 14 schools competed Tuesday in the fourth annual West Texas Weld Off at Hereford High School.

Cy-Ridge takes big win at County Fair welding contest

The Cy-Ridge High School welding team lit judges up at Harris County Fair's welding contest last Friday.

VC students win top honors in welding competition

Six welding students from Victoria College placed in the Wharton County Junior College Welding Contest.

Welding students: We need space

Columbiana County vocational board members heard a plea for more space from three students in the welding and metal fabrications program who talked about what they've been learning this year.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas and Across the Border News)

Illegal welding shops in Iyyappanthangal a nuisance for locals [INDIA]

Two illegal welding shops in the locality have made life miserable for the residents for 10 years. "They start at 6 am and go on till 8 pm. There is continuous noise and air pollution. They also occupy the entire stretch of road, a dead-end, for their activities," says V Deepalakshmi, who has been there for seven years.



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