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News in the welding world seems to be taking a holiday break. Not much to chew through in this edition of "The Roundup," but savor what's being served! Career training and vacation talk are all on the same page. Check out those articles and more in this edition of the "Weekly Roundup." Enjoy!

Welding Industry News

Gases and Welding Distributors Talk Vacation Time

As a part of its continued effort to keep the gases and welding industry informed of all the controversial issues that surround the business, Welding & Gases Today Online's "On The Edge" section features an article called "Give Me a Break."

Lincoln Electric Releases Automated Welding Fume Extractors

Lincoln Electric has launched Mobiflex 200-M and 400-MS, ideal for extracting and filtering fumes during welding operations. These low-vacuum systems can. . .

Welding Schools/Programs

Gov’t Pushes Job Training As Technical Programs Close – Part Three

Industrial job training, and retraining, is now in focus nationwide as companies shed jobs and look to rehire more skilled labor. We’re continuing to look at the welding occupation specifically, especially through the lens of new welder recruitment and experienced welder retraining.

Career training offered

Individuals interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry can receive free training in the field through the Pre-Apprenticeship

RSL supports school program

In term three, Laidley District State School started a practical course of welding for Year 7 boys with financial support provided by Qld RSL through the Scripture Union.

Welding Gone Wrong

Faulty Weld Is Suspect in Rupture of Pipeline

The natural gas pipeline that ruptured in September, killing eight people and burning dozens of houses in a suburb south of San Francisco, may have had a badly welded seam in a stretch of pipe that was supposed to be seamless, federal investigators said Tuesday.

Sparks From Welder Ignited Fire That Consumed Barn, Shed, Hay Bales

Firefighters from six area departments responded Tuesday after sparks from a welder started a fire that consumed a barn, a shed and 45 bales of hay on private property along FM 236.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas and Across-the-Border News)

Kemppi helps out UK’s welding skills squad – UK

Four welder apprentices were selected as part of the final decision process to choose the welding competitors for WorldSkills 2011 at the ExCel Centre in London.



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