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Lincoln Electric Acquires Arc Products

Mergers & Acquisitions

The first week of February was made up of fulfilled dreams, welding improvements, and new welding businesses. heck out those articles and more in this edition of the “Weekly Roundup”. Enjoy!

Special News

‘Definitely a dream come true’

Wishes do come true, Tavis Anderson has learned.

Tavis, 17, a junior at Durango High School, received more than $5,000 of free welding equipment and gear Friday through the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado.

Bellaire man receives patent for welding improvement

A Bellaire man is part of a team of Houston-area inventors that has received a U.S. patent for an improvement in a kind of welding commonly used in offshore construction.

40 years at SRJC and torch still burns

Ben Whitaker first fired up welding torch as a teenager dreaming of forging a race car to rip around the now-defunct Santa Rosa Speedway.

Eco Art: Intricate artworks fabricated from reclaimed metal scrap

What may appear like trash to most of us is a beautiful treasure to folks at Kat Welding and Fabrication. This Ohio-based company is renowned to transform scrap metal into spectacular beauties.

Welding Industry

Process for laser-welding clear plastics developed 

Laser welding of plastic is quick, precise, and generates little waste, but it does have its limitations. The process involves shining a laser beam through the edge of an upper sheet of plastic and onto the joining edge of a lower sheet, which has had soot particles mixed into it to absorb the radiation – this means. . .


Lincoln Electric Holdings (NASDAQ:LECO) announced it acquired Arc Products, according to a Bloomberg report.

Welding Schools/Programs

St. Philip’s test site for welding program accredited

St. Philip’s College’s test facility for welders has been accredited by the American Welding Society. 

Welding Jobs (The Good)

New welding business moves to Vidalia industrial park

The Vidalia Industrial park will be getting a little more crowded in the future.

Plans have been made for the location of a new business, Precision Welding, to be placed in the park, bringing with it 12 to 15 new jobs.

Welding on Another Turf (Overseas and Across the Border News)

Thai Supreme Court upholds trademark protection for Kobe Steel – THAI

Recently, the Supreme Court of Thailand hammered a local infringer into compliance with the law. A major counterfeiting problem has been revealed in the welding market.



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