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Teen Becomes Welding Star


Is it just me, or is this year moving along pretty quickly? As we enter the last full week of February, check out what the welding world dealt with last week. A teen that refused to let circumstance limit her abilities, good news on the welding job front, students having a bit of welding fun and much more all make up this edition of the ‚ÄúWeekly Roundup.‚ÄĚ Enjoy!¬†

Special News

CLB-3‚Äôs ‚ÄėMetal Man‚Äô: Marine uses welding skills to improve Helmand province

A generator’s hum followed by an intense flash of light means only one thing to the Marines of Combat Logistics Battalion 3’s Engineer Company: Lance Cpl. Jesse G. Mudd is working.

Teen with spina bifida becomes a welding star

Tiffany Rivera turns heads when she lowers her welding helmet.

First, they stare at her tiny frame ‚Äď 4-foot-9.

Then they gawk at her welds, expert work for someone so young, her instructors say.

A Toast To Ingenuity

When she was approached to weld a metal wheelchair that would hold some 32 bottles of wine, Crater High senior Heather Burton thought the request was a little unusual.

Gordy's Repair and Implement grew from welding shop to multi-faceted business

When Gordy and Sharon Cimmiyoti started Gordy's Repair and Implement in 1970, it was a just welding shop. Over time, they got into. . . . 

Welding Industry

Laser welding in the right light

Laser welding is on the advance, but it also has its limits. For example, it had been impossible to fuse two transparent plastic components together ‚Äď up until now.

Welding Schools/Programs

JCJC offers welding classes

Jones County Junior College's Workforce Development is offering a welding class at the Covington County Vo-Tech center in Collins.

Welding class proves popular

As the first class in basic welding comes to an end, the Skills Training Committee is busy setting up a second one, scheduled to start Feb. 28.

TISD board approves new welding classroom

A seven-zero vote approved a resolution to use $180,000 to engineer, design and outfit a room in the new high school for welding classes.

Welding Students

MANCHESTER: Welding students help construct grills for 58th annual Chicken Broil

It may still be February, but students enrolled at the South & West Washtenaw Consortium at Saline High School are already prepping for this summer’s Manchester Chicken Broil.

Welding contest hosts top students

The SkillsUSA Northwest District Competition in welding technology at Northwest-Shoals Community College lived up to its billing Friday, as 12 of the top high school welding students in the state competed for prizes.

EHS welding builds men of steel

For 22 years, Enterprise High School welding instructor Dale Stewart has seen former students come back to tell him thanks ‚Äď thanks for teaching them a trade that today can make students hundreds of thousands of dollars in a welding profession.

Welding Jobs (The Good)

Weld-A-Thon is both competition and job fair

Since welding came along in the 1800's, technology has made steady advances in the field. Today's welders are educated and trained to exacting standards.

Trade jobs see brighter future

A few specialties in the building trades that limped along during the Great Recession are bouncing back, and the demand has technical school and job development resource people scampering.

Welding Gone Wrong

Christiansburg High's auditorium closed after welding problem found

Christiansburg High School's auditorium will close temporarily after an engineer recommended extra support around joints in roof beams.

Welding problem caused school roof collapse ‚Äď CANADA

A bad weld on a joint holding up a beam in a classroom at the George D. Lewis School was the cause of Monday's roof collapse.

Welding work led to explosion of Azerbaijani vessel Shirvan and casualties ‚Äď AZERBAIJAN

Violation of safety rules during welding operations caused a fire in Azerbaijani vessel ‚ÄėShirvan‚Äô in the Baku Bay.



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