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Welding Industry Advances Exponentially

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There’s a lot of welding news to digest from February’s end and March’s beginning. Articles about chromium-free alloy – proof that the welding industry continues to advance in unimaginable ways, a welding business thriving for 60 years and counting, and stupid criminals (just to add a little humor to your day) make up this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy!

Special News

ESAB to sponsor welding competition again

ESAB Group (UK) says that it will be sponsoring the third annual ShipWeld competition. As before, the competition will comprise inter-yard competitions, with awards for apprentice welders.

Portable Welder Shootout: Battery Power 101

You may have never thought of it, but a long time ago someone did. It probably happened when a mechanic dropped his wrench across the positive battery terminal and the body metal-ZZZZAP! But can a battery make a good, sound weld on the trail?

Welding 101: Taft College's New Female Welding Instructor Takes Men's Profession to New Level

Michelle "Shelly" D'Andrea played with Hot Wheels as a kid, gained a love for Chevrolet Camaros as a teenager and today loves the smell of burning metal.
With that background it's not surprising that D'Andrea is the new instructor at Taft College's Welding Technology Program.

Welding Industry

Lincoln Electric's Virtual Reality Welding System Wins International Innovation Award

The VRTEX® 360, Lincoln Electric’s pioneering virtual reality welding system, has been recognized by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) with its 2011 Heinz Sossenheimer Award.

Selective laser welding could optimize bone implants

A team of mathematicians from The University of Queensland, Australia has created a prototype bone implant design using selective laser melting, in which a high-powered laser is used to melt metal powder into the required shape, layer by layer.

Welders Can Breathe Easier with Chromium-Free Alloy, Research Suggests

A new alloy designed to lessen welders’ risk of breathing toxic fumes on the job has been developed by two Ohio State University engineers. The alloy is. . . .

Wiki Site connects gases and welding industry.

Featured in Winter 2011 issue of Welding and Gases Today, article titled "Establish Yourself As An Expert," shows how GAWDAwiki connects suppliers, distributors, and end-users. With more than 1,600 industry-specific definitions and. . . .

Welding Schools/Programs

Northeast welding program thrives in new location

The one-year diploma welding program offered by Northeast Community College in South Sioux City continues to thrive in new facilities.

FVCC Libby welding program sees success

The local Flathead Valley Community College branch is reporting that they've had a successful 10 weeks of welder training with five out of 20 positions are already filled.

Welding Students

Students test welding without torch

Potential welding students at RCC got a chance to demonstrate their skills without ever firing up a torch Wednesday morning.

Macon Industrial Welding Class competes

The Industrial Welding class at Macon Area Career & Technical Education Center recently traveled to Nevada, Mo. to participate in the Missouri Welding Institute (MWI) Competitions.

Welding Rodeo: High school students will meld metal into art

Scraps of metal will become art during an upcoming competition at Choice High School and Technical Center.

Art of the weld

You don't find welding equipment in most art supply stores, but for Mitch Murphy, welding is an art form.

Two PHS students place at weld-a-thon Saturday

Efrain Steward and Saul Steward, both of Paragould High School, placed first and second Saturday at the 2011 Northeast Arkansas Weld-A-Thon at the Arkansas State University Newport Technical Center in Jonesboro.

FCHS welding team wins again

For the second year in a row the FFA welding shop has shown the surrounding vocational programs who the welders are.

Welding Jobs (The Good and Bad)

Plastics welder's expansion in Fortville could add 54 jobs

A plastics welder in Hancock County will expand operations and potentially add up to 54 jobs by 2014, a state agency announced Wednesday.

Jonathan Wheatley branches out into welding – UK

AN IT expert and entrepreneur is creating 20 jobs after starting a welding and fabrication business to plug a gap in the market.

Suburban Welding celebrates 60 years

A third generation business in Franklin Park has diversified its way into continued success.

Suburban Welding and Steel celebrates its 60th anniversary this month.

Welding robots help Hutchinson-Mayrath meet increasing demand for products

A lot of careful consideration went into planning and setting up Hutchinson-Mayrath's three robots. The machine welds frames and parts for Hutch-Mayrath's most popular items, swing-away augers and chain and paddle/grain loop systems.

Welding Gone Wrong

Utility Expert Blames Faulty Weld in California Pipeline Explosion That Killed 8

A Pacific Gas and Electric pipeline expert said Tuesday that the rupture of a gas pipeline last Sept. 9 in San Bruno, Calif., was caused by a welding error in a pipeline factory, possibly made as long ago as 1948.

Man using welding torch sets cash machine on fire

About 6:30 a.m., a man was seen leaving the Wachovia outdoor drive thru at 4875 North Federal Hwy. Police believe the man attempted to use a welding torch to access the cash machine.

Fire hits boat at dock; welding tool blamed – Philippines

FIRE damaged a passenger ship while it was undergoing repair at the port area in Cebu City yesterday afternoon.



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