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An Evening of Fiery Girl Power

Women Industrial Workers

Add “An Evening of Fiery Girl Power” to your calendars. I’m sure this special event, designed to be an “evening celebrating powerful women in industrial art” will be informative, inspirational, and all-around fun. Don’t miss it! Check out details in the events section below. That article and more make up this edition of the “Weekly Roundup.” Enjoy! 

Special News

Subsea pipeline welding performed at record depth

Remote subsea welding of pipelines has been demonstrated at a record depth of 940msw (meters of seawater) in a recent field test in Norway.

Sculpture in the City: Welding class turns student's design into public art

Paige Glazebrook hasn't had much reason to visit the welding lab at Belleville West High School — until now.

The art student is watching a welding class turn her abstract design into a 6-foot-tall steel sculpture. 

Welding Events 

An Evening of Fiery Girl Power

The Crucible (www.thecrucible.org) presents Fireside Lounge: Rosie The Riveter on Friday, May 6, 2011, from 6:30-9:30pm, an evening celebrating powerful women in industrial art.

Welding Industry

Magid Glove & Safety Offers Insulated, Flame-Resistant Welding Beanies

To help protect welders from worksite hazards, Magid Glove & Safety is offering Chicago Protective Apparel brand welding beanies. The beanies are designed to guard against sparks while helping workers keep hair and sweat out of their faces.

Welding Schools/Programs

Weld-Off contest highlights industry in increasing demand – CANADA

The 12th annual Weld-Off competition is returning to Nova Scotia Community College Pictou Campus this Friday.

The daylong event will feature a competition with the best welding students from the Atlantic Provinces. . .

Welding, CNA classes scheduled

Two classes for learning new job skills are scheduled to begin soon at the James Valley Career and Technology Center.

The next welding skills class begins on April 25. It will run from. . .

Welding Students

Western Secondary welding students give back to community

Students in Jason Lepain's welding class at Western Secondary School are not only learning a trade, but they are giving back to the community as well.

Sesser-Valier's Bauman wins 29th RLC welding contest

Sesser-Valier High School’s Brody Bauman took home top prize today in Rend Lake College’s 29th annual Welding Contest.

Welding Jobs (The Good and Bad)

Welding company bringing 100 jobs to SC county

A welding company is bringing 100 new jobs to an area with some of the highest unemployment in South Carolina.

Threat to jobs at Halesowen firm Thompson Friction Welding – UK

Ninety-three jobs are in doubt after owners of an award-winning Black Country manufacturing firm said they plan to set up a new plant in North America.

Welding Gone Wrong

Study Probes Potential Link Between Welding, Parkinson's Disease

Manganese in welding fumes may affect welders' brains over time, according to a new, small study.



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