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Volunteer Welding Projects for Your Community

No matter where you find yourself in the world, one thing is absolutely true: There are people in your community who need your help. We all have different gifts to offer our neighborhoods and towns and you are uniquely equipped to help. Not every handyman has the skills and equipment needed for welding projects and metal work, yet every organization can benefit from donated welding time. From parks to senior centers to animal shelters there are many non-profit groups or individuals in your area who would benefit immensely from what you have to give.

This month we thought it would be appropriate to create a list of welding projects you can use to make our world a better place.

Hand Railing Welding Project

Any organization that steps in to help stands in need of facilities that are handicap accessible. An essential feature of this is functional, attractive handrails both inside and outside the building. This is especially important in climates where icy sidewalks come into play. Outdoor Handrails are typically a two-day project, one day to cut and cement in posts and pipe in place and a second day for assembling, welding and painting.

Shelving Unit Welding Project

Storage is essential to organizations like food pantries, schools and crisis family centers. Welded storage is especially sturdy and can hold large quantities of supplies. Not only that, it can be built to fit into any space or out of the way nook, unlike pre-built storage solutions. Welded, industrial-style shelving is in high demand right now so you can also create storage and then sell it, donating your profits to the organization of your choice.

Bench Welding Project

Beautifully crafted outdoor seating enhances any park or community service facility and is always appreciated by those waiting or watching their children at play. Welded benches will outlast wooden benches because they are sturdier and they don’t warp or require staining. On top of all this, benches are a great project for both students and beginners as you can practice basic techniques or implement creative design.

Bike Rack Welding Project

If you want to help make the world a greener place to live, help your town become more accessible to bicyclists. Bike racks can be simple and made from pipe, or they can be complex and decorative, crafted from scraps or found materials. If you notice a spot in your town that has bikes leaning against walls or trees, you’ve found the perfect spot to donate a welded bicycle rack.

Sports Equipment Welding Projects

Sports are the backbone for helping kids learn teamwork, stem childhood obesity and give a community something to rally around. The world of sports provides a ton of opportunities for you to hone and donate your welding skills. Goal posts and training equipment for football teams is an expensive investment. Perhaps you can help your local schools by donating your time or extra materials to help a team.

Baseball and softball fields both stand in need of sturdy backstops to move the game along and keep the crowd shielded from foul balls. In addition to building new items, sporting equipment requires routine maintenance, so ask around and see if you can repair damaged items. One welder wrote a story about creating a stick rack for his local hockey team that resulted in season tickets for his family, an added bonus!

Find Your Own Project

If you want to help but have no idea how to get started, call a local church or food pantry to see what needs they are aware of. Perhaps that is a family in town who needs handrails on a set of steep concrete steps or some playground equipment in need of repair. Not only will someone in your town get the benefit of your work product, you will likely form relationships that extend beyond a few hours of welding work.

Discounted Welding Supplies

Before you head out, head over to Baker‚Äôs Gas and Welding to stock up on all of your welding supplies. Sturdy, high-tech helmets and rugged welding gloves will keep you safe on the job and new discs for your angle grinder will ensure your handrails and benches are safe and smooth. √ā¬†Wherever you choose to donate your time and talents, we want to thank you for welding a better world.


Ed Cyzewski


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