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Virtual Welding – Virtual Reality Arc Welding

Person Using Virtual Reality

Lincoln Electric is giving professionals in the welding industry a chance to simulate real welding experiences from a virtual environment by way of the new VRTEX 360 Virtual Reality Arc Welding training solution tool.

This realistic welder training system will be set up and available for welder professionals to try out at seven global conferences and trade shows this year.  Lincoln Electric hopes to show welders some of the many benefits there are to virtual hands-on training by allowing them to test out this interesting tool.

The virtual reality system, called the VRTEX 360, is an educational training tool that is designed to speed up the welding training process through virtual reality, allowing welders to easily and conveniently test out a number of different welding techniques on a range of different materials without actually needing to get any of the materials or tools.

This virtual reality system is also very safe as any beginners who may make mistakes while virtually welding are obviously at no risk for any injuries that the mistake otherwise may have caused if really welding.

The VRTEX 360 can be used to simulate a number of different welding processes including SMAW (stick), GMAW (MIG) and FCAW (flux-cored).  Also, multiple weld joint configurations and welding positions as well as a variety of welding environments are available for virtually testing.

The system is complete with very realistic puddle simulations and sound effects that directly relate to the movements of the person virtually welding.  Its main benefit to the welding industry as a whole is that it will assist in training skilled welders much faster than traditional methods and will do wo with lower training costs as no materials need to be purchased.  The VRTEX 360 will also allow shops to easily integrate very high-tech training tools into their current in-house curriculum set-up, as well as take a more environmentally-friendly approach to training since no waste materials are produced as a result of the virtual practice welding.

New welders may also be more intrigued and may wish to start a welding career after using the simulation and then wishing to test out their skills on real materials.

If you want to check out this virtual system, the VRTEX 360 will be on display at the following conferences in 2011: Conexpo-Con/AGG, 22-26 March, Las Vegas; Offshore Technology Conference, 2-5 May, Houston; NASCC – The Steel Conference, 11-15 May, Pittsburgh; World Skills 2011, 5-8 October, London; SEMA, 1-4 November, Las Vegas; Fabtech, 14-17 November, Chicago; PRI – Performance Racing Industry, 1-4 December, Orlando; Power-GEN International, 13-15 December, Las Vegas.



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