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Welding Simulation & How the Miller Mobile Arc Works

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With virtual & augmented reality becoming a more popular technology across many industries, it was only a matter of time before it made its way to welding. Virtual reality started with video games and movies but technology has matured now to where it is used in industry and education as well. 

Miller Electric launched another Augmented Reality Welding System.  The Miller MobileArc is aimed to excite, engage and introduce welding to students and others interested in welding and understanding the basics.

What does it do? Wouldn't a real welder be better to learn with?

The Miller MobileArc AR (Augmented Reality) System allows students to get a feel for what it is like to weld. The MobileArc augmented reality program and the battery operated weld gun allow for the movements of the student to be tracked precisely so a score can be given for the weld. The purpose of this system is not to make you a master welder, it is made to introduce students to welding and to teach the muscle memory and basics of welding. 

MobileArc Learning OutcomesFour Basics Covered:

  • Travel Angle
  • Travel Speed
  • Contact Tip To Work Distance
  • Work Angle

You might be wondering, wouldn't a real welder be better to learn with? Welding simulation is not a replacement for real welding or getting out in the lab and for many students welding can be intimidating and the MobileArc is an exciting tool that removes the fear while provide exposure to what welding and welding basics are. MobileArc will do a great job of teaching students technique and has the scoring system and programs to do so. On top of this, MobileArc is significantly cheaper than most welding machines a school would use. The lower price point opens up the opportunity for smaller schools or a school with a limited budget to teach welding. While this system isn't adequate on its own for a welding school, it is a great way to gauge the interest of your student population. 

 Advantages of MobileArc

  • Real Time Feedback and Scoring
  • Quick and Easy Set Up for Instructors
  • Minimize Material Costs & Training Time
  • Fit for a Traditional Classroom Setting

MobileArc Welding

Take a look at the MobileArc Augmented Reality Welding System

 If you have any questions on how the MobileArc system from Miller can benefit your school, our support team will be happy to assist. The support team can be reached at 877-930-5690 or at support@bakersgas.com.


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