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Weld My World is a supplementary blog for the Baker’s Gas & Welding Supplies website (www.bakersgas.com). The goal of our blog is to be a resource for people in the welding industry. Blog posts are written on pertinent topics that range from updates in the welding industry to tutorials on various welding projects to advice on finding a welding job and starting your own welding business.

Blog Categories

Each blog post is categorized according to its topic. If you want to read any of these categories, simply click on the category link on the right of any blog page. The categories include:

  • Baker’s Bargains – These posts highlight sales, special deals and promotions on BakersGas.com.
  • Learn How to Weld – In these posts, welders give advice on a welding procedure. Some titles include “10 Welding Mistakes You Never Want to Make” and “Welding Symbols Pop Quiz.”
  • Welding Equipment – Posts here are both in-depth analyses of pieces of welding equipment, or tutorials on how to choose the proper equipment. Titles include “How to Choose a Welding Helmet,” “Stay With the Times – Auto-Darkening Helmets” and “Welding Supplies – The Basics for any Welding Job.”
  • Welding Fact or Fiction? – These posts discuss controversial topics in the welding industry, such as welding during a recession or the industry’s image problem.
  • Welding News & Noteworthy – Our post writers give information on welding expos as well as industry developments and movements.
  • Welding Projects – These posts help you put your welding skills to use on fun projects including welding model airplanes, metal sculpture and utility trailers.
  • Welding Refresher – A useful category for any welder, these posts give resources to help welders brush up on their skills for recertification.
  • Welding Safety Tips – These posts update welders on new safety developments in welding gear and dispel some of the myths associated with welding safety.
  • Welding School & Job Info – These posts give advice from seasoned veterans on how to find a job and keep it. Previous titles have included “Make the Most Money From Your Welding Job,” “Freelancing In The Welding World: How To Break In” and “4 Steps You Must Take to Start a Welding Business.”
  • Welding Videos – These posts simply consist of informative videos our bloggers have found, with full transcript provided on most of them.
  • Welding Weekly Roundup – These weekly posts highlight that week’s news in the welding industry.

Blog Pages

Other resources include Weld My World’s Pages, which can be found on the right side of the webpage. Industry professionals have written these pages which give a brief history of welding, tips for beginners and an overview of various welding processes.

The blog also contains links to its Twitter and Facebook profile, where you can register for updates through those social networking websites.

Blog Subscription

You can subscribe to the blog’s feed by clicking on the tab at the top of the page or the link at the bottom right corner of the page. This will create a folder in your web browser’s bookmarks that will update when we publish a new post.


We welcome comments on our blog and invite you to help us initiate discussion, especially on some of our more heated topics, such as the welding industry’s image or its condition in the recession.

In order to read the comments or make one of your own, simply click on the title of the blog post and scroll to the bottom of the page. We invite you to share your experiences, expertise and advice.

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